Monday, April 15, 2013

Transition- Public School (back) to Homeschool

Ahh.. yes. I am adjusting yet again. What a crazy school year this has been!

I've had nothing but support from both sides of this journey. I hate to even use the word "side".
Those with children in public school have been very sweet (even the school staff itself). I actually can relate to them a little more now! And those who homeschool their kids have been full of questions. Some questions I can answer, some I cannot. For another family the experience might go complelety different.

I encourage you homeschool mom if you have that nagging thought of 'wanting to put your kids in school' -you are compleley normal. Pray, seek the Lord, talk to your husband- it may be just what you need! OR exactly what you don't need! (I am such a big help ;).. lol)

So, for your curiosity-
What does Homeschool at the "Buckout Family One-Room Schoolhouse" look like now?
Oh, my goodness. We started out wonderful, now we are hitting a low. I was very thankful for Spring Break. Now, I have to persevere through these last two weeks, till we have an early summer break for the long awaited 3rd road trip across the continental United States.
  • I don't make lunches the night before anymore. I am not sure if this is saving money. I have little kids home all day now that want to raid the snacks at every hour. ;)
  • Bedtime is not at 8pm anymore. Reading time till 9pm. Everyone, instead of getting out the door by 8am NOW sleeps in till 8:30. 
  • I have to remind myself no to demand a workload but also demand work to get done. Does this makes sense?
  • Math is a must everyday for everyone.
  • Each child has individual workbooks that consist with grammar, writing, spelling and poetry (my 12 yr old). Jason is still working on his 100 Easy Lesson and is reading without even realizing it. He is doing great. My goal is to try to get him to read other book and build his confidence.
  • I do miss the time I had with Hadassah and Mo. :( It was such a joy spending the time I did with the little ones, but now I have to get creative... Reading, snuggling, play dough. Don't think this comes easy. I feel spread very thin everyday.
  • Reading is a must during the day. I have even assigned "no talking" time for my sanity. Yes, this comes in the form of yelling- "No talking time for 1 hour. Time to sit down and read or I will start the time over!!"
  •  Sean has been checking out about 20 books at the library a week on all kinds of information about the places/ history we will visit. Their impressive list has been growing.
  • One of my favorite times is reading the biography of Corrie Ten Boom out loud in the mornings. Contrary to if there is no fighting between siblings and everyone will sit still.
  • The hardest part- having my children not listen to what I ask them to do something! This can be so taxing mentally.
Not sure what North Carolina is going to look like. We have considered half day for the older two in Middle School, but with uniforms requires the kids are already saying "no way!" Mom and Dad make those decisions kiddos!
We need to get settled and see what the Lord has for our family. At this point, half day school sounds wonderful yet again.

In His Grace,

Some life picture of our homeschool- irreplaceable

 big brother time
big sister time

 more big brother time!

 i tried to make my bed!

where did all those kids come from???

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  1. I having been reading along. Know the Lewis' love you guys and we are excited about the next journey. Blessings, p.



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