Friday, April 12, 2013

Unashamedly HIS

Can you lift your hands and praise the Lord, without being ashamed?
God is so worthy to be praised and unfortunatly I have let myself fall prey of what others will see or think of me.

I am on the last mile of my "marathon" so to speak. This last year and this upcoming move has been such an amazing testimony of God birthing heaven in my soul.
Even in these two months (and throughout this entire year)
.. I have crumbled. -A lot
..Yelled. -A lot.
..Wanted to scream "I can't take this any longer!" -A lot.
The finish line is still not in view and I have been so tempted to quit. I must press on.

When I was running the other day, I pushed myself literally uphill and told myself over and over to not stop. When I finally hit that breaking point, I raised my hands.. To Him be the GLORY.

I cannot be ashamed at what others think of me... and I don't care! Even walking down a neighborhood street.

I know a dear sister in the Lord, whom without thought she raises her hands when speaking of Gods work in her life. Through her testimony I have learned I must seek to give God glory in every circumstance. Even if that means physically raising my hands to remind myself.

Can you stop for a moment in all the chaos and commotion to praise Him? 
We all have stress. We all hurt. We all must let go of the burdens we bear.
Take a moment and watch this.. we showed it to our kids the other night. You'll understand what I mean.

May your joy be FULL in HIM tonight. He is HOLY.

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