Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So much to say.. so little time

I brain wants to blog, but of course I have no time.
I also want to spend hours reading the bible meditating on the goodness of God and all He has done this past month.. and I peel myself out of bed in the morning and don't.

The first two nights back home, I did not call to set up utilities- thus we had no water or power.
Sean and I chatted by candle lite and went to bed shortly after we got the kids in bed. The Lord knows we needed the rest.

Since yesterday all power is back on and I exhausted myself completely. I am getting to old for this... It is a fight mentally to unpack my life again. Today I actually got mad at my "stuff". Sounds silly but I hated it. But I pressed on.. spent some time watching my babies in their tiny pool on the deck and jumped on the trampoline with Dess. Too much to be thankful for to waste it on my stupid emotions.
It was a joy to spend dinner together. This was the first time in almost a month that we were enjoying conversation over a meal. :)

We got our one of old cats back from a dear friend! Lydia was so excited to get her black and white kitty she raised as a kitten- the darn thing has run off twice from the owner's house.
It all life lessons for my dear little girl. We came home a 3rd time with no cat. Blah.

Sean is in the process of getting the kids bunk beds up and is doing an awesome job.

Well, I think of you all. Life will pick back up again.. into a normal groove.

Oh btw- I absolutely love having a dishwasher, a real kitchen and my own bathroom. Whoo hoo!

Tomorrow, the adventure continues.

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