Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home Becoming Our Homestead

I have not been a motivated blogger as of late, but here are the long awaited pictures of our little chickens, bedroom remodels, and our gardening ambitions.
 Fresh from the mail. 
The box Sean picked up at the post office was labeled "Live Baby Chicks". 
The kids were so excited. I was thankful none were dead. Some looked dead because they were sleeping from their big road trip. (Which we totally can relate) I think we have 16. The minimum order was 15 and they throw in one 'mystery chick'.  Two are meat chicken, but the girls already named them, so it may be a no go.

Here is the beginning of how we fit six kids in two rooms
New carpet squares.. peel and stick. Pretty affordable.
The girls chose a purple color for the walls.
Dad made awesome bunk beds (and I the curtains). 
Dad also made a long desk and shelf. Up went all their girly items :)

The boys room is now painted a Mocha Brown, but here are their beds and desk.
Mordecai has been in his own bed for about a week now!
We came up with the closing curtain idea because our older kids read in the evening before bed. 
They have little l.e.d. lights (you can kind of see Elijah's on the top bunk) and their own nook to rest while the little ones fall asleep.
Their desk and new carpet.
Our outdoor remodel-
We been saving seeds for two years looking forward to the day we could plant them in a more permanent home. My sweet peas and marigolds growing on the front porch. :D
It is so easy for seeds to sow outdoors in such a humid climate. I love it.
Our future plan is to have a flower garden all along the edge of the home.
The girls wanted more of a circular pattern outside their bedroom window.
It works!
Elijah's long awaited beginning garden. 
The lemon balm he brought all the way from Oregon. Precious. 

This is funny. Sean and I have been slowly transplanting trees from the overgrown For Sale lots across the street. Our land is so open and is crying out for some trees! We found the smaller transplants do much better and don't go into shock... grow little trees... grow!! (Seans small garden around the bigger tree)

Below is my little garden, which our previous tentant made. Thank you Heather. :)
What is cool (everyone of the seeds in this garden, besides the strawberries) came from Starker Arts Community Garden in Corvallis, Oregon. Such a blessing!
And here they are, growing in North Carolina.
There are beautiful hydrangeas everywhere in our neighborhood. Sean learned from his grandma they will root very easy, just clip, put in dirt and trim leaves. These beauties will be in our yard soon!
A few more pictures!! Here is what the chicks look like today!
Sean has been kicked out of his trailer office because the girls are growing rapidly. 
Now half of the trailer will become a huge chicken coop.
Sean put the skateboard in it for fun and they play king of the hill all day!
If you look carefully at the picture above one chicken on the top looks like 
it is pinning the other down..haha. They are characters to watch.

The boys dug a fox hole, which they have yet to play in, but still think is cool.
The homestead, trampoline, pool, and trailer in the back round..
A fun reminder of what others get to see on our trailer.
This was the only graffiti we encountered on our roadtrip and we have no clue who "tagged" it!
This one faces our new neighbor's house
"Praise the Lord! He that hath the son hath LIFE"
And this one is on the back and faces our street.
He is our king!
Is HE yours?

Linking with these lovely ladies!
I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is!

More to come on our homesteading adventurous life.

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  1. Cute chicks - love how they 'arrived' at the Post Office. Also love how you make the most of your space - both functional and welcoming xx



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