Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Southern Life Unfolding..

My pictures are not hung.
I don't own a couch.
Boxes of toys are still spread across the side of the living room.
Laundry needs to be folded.
The boys mattresses are still on the floor.
Errans to be run..

But I smile.
Its Sunday a day of rest (when I wrote this).
We got to go to church today. It has been a long time. I spent some time with a few ladies in the nursery. Dess and Mo eventually wanted to see Daddy, yet that didn't last long either. They are too young to be quiet, so we headed outside. Beaufort City Hall is right next to our darling church. (It is a remodeled historical church from a-long-time-ago.) I spread out a blanket and watched my little ones enjoy the humid coastal air. We ate snacks, played patty cake and I (of course!) changed a poopie. lol.

God is good..

We mandated a hour quiet time after hearing the bickering on the way home from church. I am thinking that might become a weekly restful tradition.

For now, Sean currently is outside mowing the lawn with Jason. Adorable. Mordecai is napping and the kids are watching a movie.

When we moved back to Oregon a year and half ago we hit some rock bottom, refining moments.  We really did endure, perservere and at times in my own selfish way suffer. I must say- It is such a joy to "spread out" in our 1100 sq ft, one acre home. God is our provider and always will be. We are in debt and in Americas eyes, poor without many pocessions. But our life does not consist with that which we own.

A few days ago, I went for my first Carolina run with my hubby and Jason rode his bike. We sweated like crazy!! It was awesome. We also met an african american man who has lived in this area his entire life. Our community is sweet, real and has a huge mix of culture. We fit perfectly.

Praise! We got Lydia's kitty and it was joy to see them reconnect. sniff. sniff. We kept her in for a few days, but she is off exploring and hopefully will return.
Our other cat spends all her time sleeping and eating. She 'recieves' our pets. Lol. She as been a practically a fixture in our home since Jason was born. It is sweet to have her back too! ;)

The girls cut their hair (or asked me to)! I hate scissors on hair. :/ I managed.
The heat got to them before me this time and they knew they wanted to donate it. They look older and I must say more put together. Sweet girls.

And oh, how can I forget!? We have already went to the beach twice. I love my happy spot at the atlantic coast. Warm water. Salty air and lots of evening sun.

I have to breathe deep and challenge myself to stop and see all God is changing in this new season of life. I understand it with every move, it takes time to settle and be a family with routine again. My impatience moments are real, but I long to be closer to our Father everyday.

Thanks for letting me share a little piece of our life with you. It is good to meditate on the goodness of God. Even the little things.
Our home is always open!

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  1. Welcome Home!! We would LOVE to visit...the kids already miss their Buckout brothers and sisters with all of their hearts. We LOVE you and so happy to hear that you are settling in. xo



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