Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Update!

The Buckout family is still in North Carolina (if you were wondering!), although blogging as not been my top priority.. thought I would give a family update.

Three of the kiddos are doing wonderful in school. Jason's reading is improving everyday and I am told by him his teacher says he as the best handwriting in class. Lydia and Elizabeth are thankful for the many opportunities this school provides for them. More than half of their classes are military kids. This is comforting because they to have moved many times like ours.

On a sad note, a dog came and killed 11 of our chickens! They just started to get all their adult feathers. Five survived and we are praying about buying more. Goodbye to this beauty :(

Good news. Meet Jack! Our new "guard dog". He is a mix of German Shepard. No friends he is not a puppy. This is his size for life! haha! He does a great job barking when people, cars or animals come by, but gives kisses and loves on the kids. He comes with me when we pick them up from school. I must say... he is curious about the chickens but we are working with him with a leash. He is always leashed when they roam.

Elijah is big brother at home as of late. Making Hadassah Jello, illustrating a children book for a friend of ours and designing things on the computer. I still need to call the Middle School for him. If he does start school it will be at the end of August.

Hadassah and Mordecai keep me busy to no end! Almost more now that I am minus three kids during the day.. jeesh.
I am learning how to teach the little ones routine again and for the most part enjoy every minute. My problem as of late (as it as always been!) is to stop cleaning and enjoy my time with my babies.

The kids rode a ferry for the first time last Sunday! It takes about 15 minutes to cross the gigantic Nuese River. It was free fun only 10 minutes from our home.
Dad has also taken them fishing many times this month too.
I am praising God because the mosquitos have not been bad at all so far this summer. It makes moments exploring the outdoors very pleasant.
We made a quick stop over to Fort Macon to watch a civil war reenactment. We missed the big display due to the death of our chickens, but managed to watch a canon explode and see people dressed in historic clothes.

Sean is plugging along and always learning with work. He has plans to build a swing in our back woods and chicken coop for when our little chicks become adults. He also started seedlings this week for our churches community garden.

My garden is growing beautifully. It was too hot for my lettuce but I now have bouquets of Zinnas on my kitchen table :D A few snapshots...
(Sean and Lydia's small garden above)

Not to forget, we celebrate little Miss Hadassah's birthday this Monday! What a precious three year old!

Well, till I blog again...
God is good!
We look forward to the day we are sitting at Jesus' feet!!

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  1. Really nice photos, JuRita! I can see many of them looking nice framed on a wall!



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