Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Everyday Life (& pic update)

Yeah, I already mentioned thinking of blogging makes me say.... "blahhhhhh".
But I want to press on and share some life with you all ;)

Got rid of our beast of a trailer and in return traded it for this beauty. Ha! Our Bayliner from 1988 Lol!!!

She turns over but needs a little engine work. Please join us in prayer- we recently "lost" the keys! We are trusting the Lord for it and when we ever get to explore the amazing rivers on this side of the country.

Here is a picture of my baby girl on her 3rd birthday! So precious.

While Sean and I don't get a ton of date nights, we often will take just the little ones out with us. Which could be a run to Walmart or a walk on the river.

I made my big announcement on my last blog. :D Baby is doing good. I am keeping up on exercising this time around. It took me 7 pregnancies to figure out I need to stay strong! I am refusing to wear prego clothes till absolutely necessary.
I have thought about blogging my prenatal care experiences in the state of North Carolina. They are "to the books" when it comes to not natural. very hospital care.
Homebirth is illegal! Crazy sad. More on the route we are taking on a later blog!

Did I mention I am ripping up our living room carpet and painting the subflooring? Much more practical. As a family of 8 we ruin carpet real quick. Especially cheap carpet! It is a work in progress with many more sections and coats of paint to go!

 And AFTER! 
Only $15 for this old dresser :) needs a little tlc, but cleaned up the toy mess!
Floors are still a work in progress.
fruit from the garden
The kiddos are still in school and doing great! Growing leaps and bounds. I am working my bum off in a different way taking care of my babies. It seems I have less time because I can't call on the older ones to help! ;) Sean caught me in the bathroom not wasting a spare moment.

my babies watching Baby Praise and having snack

ice cream after dinner!!!

And last but not least.. our ferocious guard dog. 
He already scared off another pitbull and mutt :) He is a keeper!

Day by day.. the weeks are flying by.
Peace and Love,


  1. Love that you painted the sub floor!! I hate carpet. That is such a great idea!! And that boat looks super fun! So fun to see a little peak into your life. :-)

  2. Still amazing me with your growing family....love you guys and it is a joy to get a peek into your life from time to time...so encouraging! Praying for your lost keys and river fun....the river has been a refuge for us...praying it will be for your family too!



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