Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reality Check

Reality- I am almost 16 weeks pregnant with my seventh child. Hello! I will not be meeting my doctor till next week. I am praying that appt goes well. I fear a hospital birth and I am not sure I will be even telling her that I have birthed at home. Good news, I am already feeling the baby kick! SO SWEET.

Reality- Ear infections are never fun in little ones. Positive most of the junk we are getting is coming from school.

Reality- I am not happy with Elijah's first week of middle school. The school itself as proved NOT to be as professional as the elementary school. We might wait it out and see if it improves. It is not a good learning environment thus far.

Reality- Parenting is hard.

Reality- I spend my weekly outings at 3 places: Walmart, the elementary school, and (as of late) doctor offices.
Two weeks ago, I spent some time at Starbucks and Ross for a couple hours on my own. :) Sean kicked me out of the house and I didn't resist... too much! I am looking forward to meeting some people when our church starts community groups next week.

Reality- God has us ministering to our community. We live in an old country ghetto (so to speak) and He has His purpose for it! Our sweet old lady neighbor has been coming over almost every evening to spend time with us (at times yes, it is an inconvenience on our selfish nature, but He works in our hearts all the same). Her husband has been healing in rehab and we have been praying for him. She loves our little ones and calls Mordecai "her man".

Reality- The mosquitos are back and it does not cool off in North Carolina.. did I forget? I long for some cool Oregon fall. I am going to resist my urge to say anything further. lol.

Reality- this blog sounds like one big complaint! SORRY.

I will trust in God's faithfulness and goodness in every situation.

"Wherever you are -BE ALL THERE" is a constant quote stuck in my head from a couple of Sundays ago.

I want to embrace Him. Embrace Jesus. Glorify Him in the irritations. Praise Him in my weakness.
His strength is perfect.

16 weeks, 7th baby. not going to complain!
 love my two eldest to pieces!!!


  1. Jurita, congratulation on your addition to your growing family. What a blessing you are. Praying that this pregnancy is an easy one and that the Lord has his hand of protection on the Buckout you Jurita!

  2. Wow! Jurita! Another blessing coming your way! How exciting! It's a blessing to get a peek at your world now and then. It is amazing really. I love your honesty and your willingness to share it with all of us! I do miss you and pray the Lord continues to strengthen you, and when you are tired, to give you rest. I love you guys!



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