Saturday, October 5, 2013

21 Weeks, 7th Child -diet and exercise

No, I am not on a diet.
No, I am not a pregnant exercise guru.

Yes, I am trying something new. New to me.
Whenever I have been pregnant in the past, I have given the excuse of not being "able" exercise. I usually limit my physical exercise and don't purposely break a sweat for 9 months.
All things must come to an end and since my body is not getting younger I might as well try to make it stronger. I am 34 years old next week. Whoop whoop!

Until recently I have been able to keep up running once a week. It slowed to a run/walk because my side uterine muscles have begun to cramp and get sore. I probably could get a pregnancy belt, but that is not a financial option right now. I have been doing an aerobics video 2-3 times a week which includes weight lifting. (shhh.. yes, it is Jazzercise). This is a huge accomplishment for me and I can tell it is paying off. I feel strong and just started to wear a few pregnancy clothes!

About 3 weeks ago, I started reading Trim Healthy Mama. I told myself I would NEVER buy the book. It was a hit before it even went to print because so many woman look up to the Pearl sisters. I always need to wait awhile, read reviews, and such. I have never in my life followed any strict eating regimen. I did try to two SlimFast shakes when I was 18 and that was the end of that! Gross. Exercising and eating "somewhat" healthy as always been my go to. Not to mention, ice cream every night! :/

The book thus far as been a great experience. I have read about the first 100 pages and many of the recipes. It concentrates on combining the right foods together. The jist- Not including large of amounts of both fats and carbs in the same meal will help maintain a healthy weight, plus getting plenty of protein. They give great advice and meal suggestions for the many seasons of a woman's life. Yes, I can still have chocolate! I love the Muffin in a Mug.

It is amazing how gross I feel now if I stuff down a bunch of rice and corn! The scale hasn't moved much. I will be excited to see how post partum weight goes with this new take on eating.

16 weeks

21 weeks
(lost a little of the top of my belly pouch
and this shows how LOW I carry those babies!)
There you have it!
I am feeling good. I little bit of hip pain if I am on my feet too long, but other than that I can't believe I am 21 weeks.

The best news- Sean felt the wee little one kick this morning!!! 
(We are waiting this time around to find out whether it is a boy or girl :) Every time we have waited it has been a precious baby girl (with Elizabeth and Hadassah)... so we will see!!! :) I can't wait either way. And sorry, you will have to wait to hear the baby names!)

Happy first October weekend!

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  1. You look great! It probably feels so good to be active and eating well! Good for you!



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