Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Thoughts {on Fall, School and Pictures}

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, cool air and rain.

Two years ago, my heart was in rebellion (or more depressed) when living here in North Carolina. I ached for Oregon. I wanted to be back to what was "normal". Then, I was expecting Mordecai, now our seventh with almost the exact due date.

This time around God is giving me a choice to embrace this new season (literally) and embrace all He has for me. Days can be taxing.. weekends even more (explanation to come).

Many Oregon fall days I spent running to the library to meet up with Sean and the kiddos. Orange, reds and yellows covered every inch of the wet side walk and blew throughout the trees. It sounds dreamy to me now, but sorry for the fluffy writing- it is true. Now, I have been making a mental list of what fall looks like in North Carolina.

Late evening cool beach trips.
Yellow soy bean fields
Some type of yellow weed growing 5 feet tall on the side of the road
Cotton farms speckled with red and white.
Bonfires, marshmallows
Days when I can actually turn off the air conditioning.
And if i chose too, I can see the goodness of God in it all.

Our new adventure- Sean is taking some college courses on the weekend. This term will only last till Thanksgiving. Please pray for me to stay strong and not fall flat on my face with emotion as I discipline my kids. And please pray for Sean and the kids- As he has given up his weekend for studies, I have also given up my weekends with no break. Thankfully he only is gone till 3pm, which I am gladly ready to have him home. I don't think I would have ever survived as an Army wife. Although, one does what they have to do to survive.
Because we only have one vehicle, we are also missing church. I have been doing worship with the kids and listening to pastors on YouTube. We are blessed and cherish our time of fellowship on Wednesday night with our church community group.

Thanksgiving will be a beautiful time indeed!!! I am glad these courses will not last forever.

The kids are back to school. Lydia was the only one who expressed any desire of excitement to rejoin her classmates after a three week break. Elizabeth and Jason were comfortable at home entertaining their little siblings. You have to set your homeschool mind set aside and make them return. Emotional decisions on their part or mine are not wise.

We spoke to Elizabeth about it and we wanted to see her give it one more week. She actually was the one that recovered the best. She was able to stand up to girls on recess that she "did not want to chase boys" and befriended a new student who was all alone. She accidentally did all her weeks homework on Monday, which of course helped the rest of her week. I was waiting to check in with her regarding homeschool and she was well content. I am continuing to come to her class and help on Friday afternoons. Although if she was ready to come home, Sean and I will definitely consider it.

Lydia loved her first day back. We had some disciplinary issues one evening that have been a long time dealing with. :( On her third day, we opted for her to stay home. It was most needed to cover some spiritual issues. After a big blow up, the last thing I want to do is send her back to school the next morning. She is a special treasure. She is learning and we are learning how to raise our children every day. Most importantly learning how to NOT leave Christ out of the picture. Through this trial we have committed to make sure we are reading the word to them morning and night.

Jason, did not want to go back to school. He was the one dragging his feet, not getting dressed, ect, ect.
Poor guy. Except I knew he needed some tuff love. One day a time with Jason. One day with encouragement and love.

Elijah has been continuing his middle school studies at home. Lots of reading, math and we are going to explore writing. He wants to be an author someday.
The little ones are adjusting.
All I can say folks, there are pros and cons to both situations. Even next year, I am not positive who will be home. I know the older ones will not be in Middle School, but I also know that unless we get a smaller car it will not be worth the gas money to haul just two children to school. All in due time. I will save such worries for next year!

Pictures :)
oh, our lovely buckout pets (no pictures of our chickens). 
these are the two little kitties we had when we first moved out here.
i am sure they were happy the didn't have to make the drive 3 times like we did.
i think lydia took these pictures. 

lydia captured this one of the butterfly. 
broken but beautiful.

these are funny. the two bikes in the pictures, sean as found at the dump and the kids love them.
jason pushed his sister up and down the street after a long day of school. don't know where he gets his energy! 
and I must say, mo feels really cool in his pink and purple 3 wheeler! 
he can cruise around, just watch his little feet go!

big sisters doing what they do best.
little mommies.. loving on their younger siblings:)

what a handsome young man

mordecai sporting his favorite red hat and is awesome pink bike
he even cruises in the house

i love it when they draw together
he doesn't have his bling bling on (except for the bracelet) but i love his style!

one of dessi's new dresses. she is too cute!

In Him,

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