Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Elizabeth!

This past week we celebrated Miss Elizabeth's 9th Birthday! Gentle and quiet, yet full of life and beauty. She as found a sincere love for caring for little Mordecai this year. She is always talking about her new little sibling while hugging my belly. I have no doubt, if the Lord tarries she will be an amazing mother someday.  Her new conversation is wanting to be a Midwife. :)

She got to invite a friend over from school on their half day friday. Mommy crocheted her a new blanket and she got some sweet gifts from her siblings and friends. Daddy took her to the pet store and got 3 new goldfish! (All of which, have already died-but we will give it one more try! He went to Walmart this morning and will surprise her after school.)  

Keep shining for Jesus!

Elijah and Lydia competing for who is the tallest! 
Elizabeth's new friend from school could be twins :)

I attempted a Martha Stewart Six layer cake (minus the carmel).
It was delicious, but I ran out of frosting half way through.. 
and my attitude was not so pretty. 
I quickly made more.
She thought it was amazing.

My cake helper in the early morning hour..

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Elizabeth Jane! We sure do miss you all! Sending so much love your way:) Ox (big hug, little kiss)



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