Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lice and Public School

Little did we know...

I hate the word: LICE.
It sounds disgusting and invasive. All I can picture is the thought of little white bugs in someones hair. I had never seen it before and NOW never want to see it again. At least it is not "white" so to speak.

About 3-4 weeks ago, Jason's first grade class gave parents a letter stating a student had been sent home because of a lice problem. "Oh, dear.." I thought. Of course I checked him right away and politely reminded him not to interact closely with this child. (He knew who it was.) After getting rid of a three week nose throat sickness, I though I might just be done with this public school journey once again!

Unfortunately, Elizabeth was the one it landed on. Whether it was from her class or his- It entered in our home. Thinking I had checked throughly (which I did that day) weeks went on and I had no clue.

Only till the day after Halloween did I notice. Hadassah had been not sleeping well (getting in bed with us), itching her head (also her legs, so i didn't think much), but ended up having dreadlocks in her curly hair for three morning in a row. DUH!!!!

Denial keeps one from thinking it will happen in their clean home. I am not perfectly organized and we do live in a small home, but I find it a relatively clean home for having six kids. The word lice is associated with uncleanness but reality- anyone can get it.

The lineup-
Elizabeth was the worst.
Hadassah was right their with her.
Elijah and Mordecai and just started.
Lydia barely any..
and Jason, Sean and I none!

What I wanted to be a day of rest on Friday (I had let them stay home from school -thank the Lord!), was spent washing every piece of bedding we own in scalding hot water. I did a full treatment on everyone, combing every bug and nit I could find. Can I say repulsive??!!! The girls took about an hour a piece. I even bought new pillows and hair brushes for everyone, except won't use them till I know it is out of the house. It was the longest cleaning day ever.

As my dear friend Jen said when her kids got it, "their heads have never been so clean!" (btw-I almost called you Jen!)
Saturday morning I did two more combings with a homeopathic product I found. It can be used daily and will be.

It was one of the most taxing, exhausting days I've had since moving. But this Mama did everything and is still doing everything to rid the sight of it. The hardest part- Mordecai got his first hair cut :(
I loved that full head of blonde hair!!! We keep saying he looks like a little "Bruiser" now. All the boys have a brand new buzz cut.

Today, Sean is back at class. I am almost done with every piece of laundry. I have been washing pillow cases and sheets every morning, along with any used towels. Hadassah and Elizabeth's hair is getting better each day. It takes dedication and time. Combing and combing.

My thoughts- will other parents go to this extent? Will they even check their children? Will my kids come with it again? I am going to be checking their heads like a crazy woman every day.

Can I finish out this school year??? And I thought my next blog was going to be how exhausted my kids were from public school. ;) Tomorrow we get to let the school know what as happened. Yay.

Pray for complete healing in our home.



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