Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Moments

Wanted to share some moments that I don't have many words for...

Life has it shares of up and downs, but through it all we serve a faithful Creator to whom we long to see face to face.

We sin.
We bicker.
We yell.
We laugh.
We cry.
We rejoice.
We are forgiven.
We are loved.

These pictures make me smile.

One of my last pictures of Mordecai with his long hair.
Lydia is growing up everyday.

Morning smiles for Daddy.

Possibly our first and only "snow" in North Carolina.
Two days later it was 76 degrees.

Our ladies eggs verses a store bought.

We had 3 double yolks so far!

Brothers and sisters chillin' together.

Mordecai's dino display. Daddy had to capture the picture! :)

Neusiok Trail close to our home

Lovely Bee

We actually found a "down hill" although the picture does not do it justice.

Mom resting with Mordecai

I can't get enough of him!

Hadassah exploring the world.

"The hat of many generations" (click on the link!)
He refuses to let me put it on him!

Heading out to the edge of the woods to swing. Of course, the dog and chicken will follow.

One of the ladies doing her job.

These chickens are pets. Elijah is the new Chicken Whisperer.
He loves his chickens.

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends,

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  1. So cool to have you link up this week - we have a hollow tree like that on a local bush walk that we like to go hide in when we get a chance - thank you for sharing your wonderful family times and special memories of your kids as they grow - so important! xx



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