Friday, December 6, 2013

Preparing for Baby #7 {30 Weeks!}

Little Baby Buckout #7 is growing and so is mama! :D I am now 30 weeks. 

I haven't been exercising like I planned. :( My hips are just too weak, but I have made an entire change to my eating habits (via the book Trim Healthy Mama). The past 15 weeks, I have only gained 5lbs! This is huge for me because with each pregnancy I max out just over 200 lbs.

After having six kids there really isn't a ton to prepare for. :) I love how it gets more simple with each baby! 
We did get the bassinet out of the attic and cleaned up a perfect spot in our room. The girls- even Hadassah helped me sort and wash all our baby boy and girl clothes.

I am blessed beyond measure because new friends at our church are going to give me a Baby Shower. I have not had one since our second baby Lydia was born. This will definitely help with the need for receiving blankets/diapers. The girls are thrilled.

All items needed for birth are purchased and birth kit is ready. We have decided NOT to go with the doctor here in North Carolina. With my past two babies being delivered at home, I am positive the medical system here will not let me have the choices I desire. We did not want this birth to be consumed with fighting for our legal rights.  Having a baby at home is not illegal here in North Carolina, but for a Midwife to practice here it is (See Below). SO SAD. Unfortunately, the midwife I usually see here in NC is pulling away on a sabbatical so she can focus more on the political end.  

With all that being said, my Midwife appointments are via Skype with a dear friend's Midwife in Ohio. A week or so before my due date we will be traveling the 10 hours to have a "birthing vacation" at my friends house. The long going joke- this is the VERY first pregnancy that I haven't moved homes, YET my child (Lord willing) will be delivered in a different state! Lol. Leave it up to the Adventurous Buckout Family!

I am definitely ready to meet my little blessing in person! I love those first moments with my newborn. Everyone is excited. Even Mordecai asks me if the baby is "sleeping" and if it will "come out". He will be an amazing big brother! This little one is going to get so much LOVE. Can't wait.

21 Weeks-

Now 30 weeks-
love Jason in these photos!

Here is a little Fyi from Wikipedia-

Home Birth is Not Illegal in NC, being a CPM is

United States[edit]

Practicing as a direct-entry midwife is illegal in states shown here in red
In 27 states it is legal to hire a direct-entry midwife, or certified professional midwife (CPM).[45] It is legal in all 50 states to hire a certified nurse midwife, or CNM, who are trained nurses, though this practice is rare as most CNMs work in hospitals.[45] Some CPMs continue to attend mothers in the 23 states where it is illegal, and can be arrested and prosecuted, while efforts are underway to change the law.[45]
Practising as a direct-entry midwife is still (as of May 2006) illegal under certain circumstances in Washington, D.C. and the following states: AlabamaGeorgiaHawaiiIllinoisIndianaIowa,KentuckyMarylandNorth CarolinaSouth Dakota and Wyoming.[46] However, Certified Nurse Midwives can legally practice in these areas.
No state prosecutes mothers for giving birth outside a hospital.


  1. So excited for you family. I love hearing about your adventurious life and how God has richly blesses your lives. Praying for an easy labor and a healthy child. Blessings to you my dear friend.

  2. You look so beautiful! We are very excited for the Buckout Bunch! xo

  3. wow only a 5 pound gain for a 30 week time period. do not know how you did that...i gained an average of 20 pounds for each baby no matter the weight of the you my girl, mom



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