Friday, December 13, 2013

The "Lie-Berry"

The Lie-Berry is what Jason calls it.

I thought, "no I am not going to correct him". I am savoring this moment coloring with my seven year old son.
(Dad took the two oldest to the long awaited Hobbit sequel. With Elizabeth in bed, poor Jason was just wanting to stay up a little longer.)

"Color, read a book, but no movies. It is quiet time," was my response.

I almost missed a good 45 minutes of hearing Jason chit chat with me. And CHIT CHAT he did! :

Anyways, he tells me, "Mom, the last time I was at the Lie Berry (Library) I was very excited to because I knew that they had a new dragon book I wanted. ...Well, the entire time I made sure I carried my backpack on the front of me so I knew how you feel." lol

He also told me because the first two colors I used were pink and green, they "were beautiful together and now they are his two favorite colors because he will always think of me."

Ya, you bet am glad I sat down and colored! Such little effort but those moments are not to be missed. I am learning. I am learning Lord.

Today when he brought a chicken in the house-
Yes, it is hiding in his coat.
and NO, we do not let them inside!
I love Jason to pieces.

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