Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ugly, But Functional.

I love my home, Yet two years ago I COULD NOT SAY THAT. 
I loved the fact that we "owned" our home and it was new, but I struggled desperately with the size. 

After living in 850 sqft for a year and half- I THINK- I have been cured.
We have moved back to our small home on a acre and are full of creative ways to make it work. 

My husband is gifted in practical cheap woodworking. We have been taking advantage of a new development in the area and picking up all the scrap wood they are throwing out. 

My new theme in my home- It might be UGLY- but it is FUNCTIONAL.

(Let me clarify- I personally don't think my home is ugly, but compared to the magazine or pinterest one might think "Oh my gosh, I could never live like that!")

If you come in to my home, I may give you a glass of water in a mason jar, but you might also see my kids drinking out of an old jelly or salsa jars! I wrote a blog a few years ago, about ceasing to have a Martha Stewart type home. While I have no problem if others do! I am not ashamed of my home or feel it necessary to keep up with the Jones'. Stuff does not make the home- the people do :)

Now, if we had gobs of excess income, I might try to "decorate" more or actually purchase new drinking glasses. I must say I do have a board on Pinterest called "My Homelife Style". I daydream- a little. I love thrift stores and love a good deal. I love crochet and I love colors. In heaven I will have all the time in the world to enjoy such pleasures.

Anyways for fun!- here are some of our options making life work for a family of almost 9 people in 1100 sqft.
Welcome to our life;)
Someday I will have matching comforters for the girls.
By then, they probably will have even more of their own taste.

So my hemming didn't go so well, but they curtains are still up after 7 months!
My new "clothing closet" for pants, underwear and socks. 
(It used to be the game cupboard which never got used.)
All their shirts on in the bedroom closet.
These are not pretty, but sean added an extra shelves in my laundry closet and it was amazing!
The white shelf was the only pre-existing shelf. He added the extra ones on the sides and top.

I love my homemade FREE sectional!!! 
When these get worn out, I will find some more cheap furniture.
We purchased new furniture one time in our marriage, but realized kids stain things pretty quick. 
It is much more fun not to worry about it!

We ripped up all the nasty carpet and painted the sub flooring till we can afford something different.
Sean found the big rug on clearance at Lowes.

No, I do not have matching bed sheets and do I really care??? haha.
Not necessary to fuss about such things.
Clean is important to me.
Really, this is what people see...

And Jacks lovely dog house. 
Sean found this planter pot at a construction site and flipped it over- "whaa laa". 
Jack did have a nice roof (you can see it on the ground to the side) 
but rain was being blown in from the wind. 
Thus we threw a board on top! 
He is a great dog. He even has old living room carpet inside now to keep him warm ;)
Tis' the Season. 
Found this beauty on Thanksgiving Day across the street in an empty lot!
Unfortunately we just took it down today.
It was pretty dry, but we hung our stocking on the wall instead!

I encourage myself all the time to not worry about externals or what others think. 
My children and husband are happy. I am happy. My lot is full.
When you hit financial walls and want to stay out of debt (or need to pay off debt!!!), you have to make choices that might not be easy for the American life style. Godliness with contentment is great gain. I need to learn how to be content and not keep up with the Jones', especially if it is going to all on a credit card.
For the first time in my life, I am actually making a list of needs. Yes- needs.
When you are going paycheck to paycheck and paying only half of your electric bill or not making your car payment- it is incredible hard. And it is not because we have seven kids!
It is poor financial choices in our own lives, but also the season God has us in to depend on Him. His faithfulness of provision will be a testimony to my children. He had never forsaken us- nor I doubt He will.

My name is JuRita Buckout and I live an "ugly but functional (American) life". lol


  1. Jurita,
    Your "functional" house is lovely and warm. I am amazed at all you guys do for your children and how well adjusted they are. A lesson to all that family is not built on "things" but on caring and nurturing with love and strong faith. Keep that faith as we go through these tough times with your dad.
    Merry Christmas,
    Aunt Maureen

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! I can not wait to see it in person! Love you guys and feel so blessed to get to know you. (and we lived in 850 sq. ft. for a while will have to trade stories) Many blessings for the Christmas season and beyond!

  3. I would take functional ANY day over "Beautiful" I think your house is LOVELY ... I lived in a 800 (and some change) square foot house with four kids for five years. I loved my teeny house. It got messy quickly but, we were all cozy and close and that I prefer!
    Found your blog on the link up! I am going to start following. Happy New year!



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