Thursday, January 30, 2014

2nd Snow Day & A New Popcorn Maker!

We got two rare treats these past two days- Snow and a new popcorn maker!

From my understanding it is completely rare to have snow here in NC. We at least got 2 inches of ice and an inch of snow, which has made for some slippery ground. Our boogie boards and tupperware containers have turned into sleds, as our exhausted children have managed to squeeze every ounce of energy they've stored up over this past winter. Thank you Lord! (I am sure we will have all the more fun the Ohio snow!)

what he does after the snow.. a little curious george!

And why did we not buy a popcorn maker years ago?! We pop almost six bags each time and it would have saved us a ton of money. Thankfully,  Elijah and Lydia babysat the other night and the family had a popcorn maker.  Thus reminding us they are the "coolest invention ever!" Guess, in all the busyness one forgets those simple childhood memories.

Stay warm and cozy,


  1. i get a kick out of how Mo copies Dessi by covering his ears too. Precious-
    and I want to know if Jack had to stay outside when it snowed..i really hope and miss you...Can hardly wait for the new baby and find what the name will be, grandma

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