Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year in Review- Happy to say, "Goodbye 2013!"

This is the first year Sean and I can agreeable say: 
"Good bye 2013, I'm glad you are over!"
As exhausting and stretching it was, we know God had His purpose in everyday and every breath He gave us.  We are looking forward to the New Year, with our hope set on Him. We know new adventures and trials await.

We are at rest in our home in North Carolina. We took The Road Trip of a lifetime, hauling a 30 foot trailer across the United States making our pull the size of a Semi truck. Almost EVERY itinerary plan of ours did not take place due to popped tires, a swaying hitch on an extremely heavy trailer that only would allow us to top 45 mph, AND an aggressive Texan stomach flu that stayed with us for two weeks. We are thankful beyond words God got us safely home. We often look back, shake our heads- and then move on. There were very hard moments, but also precious ones we will treasure for this lifetime.

Sean is still plugging along working hard as a Web Designer. He has one more test to take to get his NC Real Estate License. This was another leap of faith in which we hope will bring more side income to our family. Money has been very tight. Our goal is to pay more than half our debt before 2015. God can do it!  Sean has been also prepping the yard for our spring garden and new set of chicks the kids are ordering in March. He's moved more than 5 trees from overgrown lots. They are beautiful and will hopefully fill up our yard perfectly in the years to come.  My dearest husband is an amazing man of God! Every evening we both look forward to our quiet time when the kids are bed. We always snack, talk, and maybe watch a movie. We are looking forward to Sherlock Homes and Downton Abbey Seasons on Masterpiece this month :D

 Elijah... Oh my. I will have a teenager this month! I have spent almost 4,745 days with him and he still makes me smile. Elijah enjoys conversation and company. He still loves gardening (even transplanted a Lemon Balm plant all the way from Oregon!), loves chickens and of course the Hobbit. After reading at bedtime he often joins Sean and I for some silly laughter and searches for whatever we are munching on. ;) By next year I will be looking into his eyes or he might even surpass me in height. Oh, how could I forget? -He recently finished illustrating his first children book, authored by a family friend. He did an amazing job and I can't wait to share it with you all!

My dear sweet Lydia. With all the change we have made this year, she has found her place here in North Carolina. She loves to call it home. Yes, she is still baking and has mastered Lemon Meringue and Key Lime Pie. Her biggest endeavor this year has been excelling at public year round school. She is getting straight A's and is part of the Battle of the Books finishing at least two books a week! I am looking forward to having her home next year and to see what new projects she will accomplish.
Her and Elijah are already in planning stages of their documentary on Bantam Chickens. Most of all-I love her friendship, hugs, and I love seeing her grow into a Godly young lady.

Beautiful Bee. Elizabeth has already reminded me she will be two digits this new year!  She is tender hearted and has extreme patience with Hadassah and Mordecai. Elizabeth's affection towards her mommy and daddy never ceases and we love this about he.  She daily expresses excitement to meet her new little brother or sister. Her new ambition- to be a Midwife. She also is pressing on in Public School and is achieving straight A's. Her favorite books this year have been Geronimo Stilton Series and you will often find her drawing in her free time. On one of her recent drawings with a girl, sunshine and mountains she wrote, "Knowing that God will come for me one day is the best thought of all." So precious. I will keep it forever. She truly has a heart for Him!

Jason Jon. What to do with this boy!? He can make me angry, laugh and then want to cuddle him all in 5 minutes. He is growing like crazy, breaking the Buckout record of sleeping 15 hours in one night! Jason persevered through 5 months of a strict school schedule and we are so thankful for his first grade teacher. She ran a tight ship and he is reading wonderfully. Now that he is home schooled with Mama, he loves being outside and playing with his little siblings. This past week he finished clearing a new trail in the woods and collected bamboo to make arrows for their new bows. Jason is also looking forward to the new baby. His definitely has a big brother protective heart!

My little Hadassah! She has quite the personality and does not skip a beat when it comes to keeping up with her older siblings. She will spend "girlie" time with the girls or be wrestling and punching with her brothers on the trampoline. Mordecai is her best friend though and they spend the majority playing together. My favorite times are tucking her in bed and hearing her sweet prayers. They can be as simple as "Jesus, Amen." Or lengthy prayers "Sisters would come home from school" and "Grandpa's back would feel better". She asked me the other day, why I don't just push my baby out like this (as she kicked her leg in the air)! I wish I could keep her three forever!! What a sweet big sister she already is!

Mordecai, my sweet baby boy who LOVES his Mama. He will be turning two next month and has quite the little vocabulary. He will copy and follow anything his big sister "Dessie" does. He loves putting anything on his head. Winter hats and scarfs are a favorite, but necklaces and goggles will do. He gets angry if I don't let him in the van to "drive" and when he wants "candy" he wants candy! Chocolate is is favorite. He always takes very good care of his sister's baby dolls and I CAN'T WAIT for him to meet the real baby ;) He is always giving my belly sweet hugs and kisses. He also loves being outside every day (thank the Lord for North Carolina weather which makes this possible!) Once again, I am reminded I would have never had either him or Hadassah and I am so thankful God precious gifts. They have changed our family forever!

This Mama, is so thankful it is 2014! I have never not been pregnant living in North Carolina and I am sooo looking forward to it! Our new little blessing is due next month and I am overjoyed to meet him or her. I have finished crocheting the baby blankets, washed baby clothes, and have the bassinet all ready. More than anything, I can't wait to hold the sweet thing in my arms and let life slow down once again. For now, I am pushing through those last enduring 6 weeks. God be my strength.

To our Oregon friends and family, we miss you dearly. We have been blessed beyond measure as God settles us here in North Carolina. We are thankful for our church family at One Harbor for their love and support these past few months.
I promise there is no moving in our future, unless it to heaven with our King!
We hope ya'all had a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!
Till' next time!

and the family.


  1. I love your heart and hearing about your family. Happy New Year Buckouts!

    1. Thank you Desra!!! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family :D!

  2. JuRita, Thank you for the update! It's great keeping up with you all via your blog. Sounds like everyone is growing and thriving. Praying everything goes smoothly with the birth of the newest Buckout. Love and hugs from Tom and me.



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