Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Life {As of Right Now}

Before I was a family "blogger", I kept a family journal. Yes, with pen and paper. :) I found a big beautiful hardback journal at Borders. Sean and I would write, draw and jot down little things Elijah and Lydia would say. I started my blog back in 2009 and now my journal sits on the shelf waiting to be read when we are empty nesters.

I don't want to loose that focus. I am blessed to do reviews and giveaways (I have 4 coming this month! woot!) or even share my opinions. But, I must keep up on the simple notes of life. If not for me, for the kids, family, and those who want a real look into The Buckout Home!

Simple and Sweet was my first post ever. Simple and sweet I want to keep it! ;)

Quick catch up~
Baby Priscilla is one month old!
Dad is working hard, taking his final exam for Real Estate this month. A side job along with Web Design.
All the kids are now "homeschooled" and still love each other for the most part!
Elijah and Lydia applied for Space Camp in Oklahoma and Alabama. (The Chickasaw Nation sends a handful of kids each year.)
A full rack of seedlings are in the window preparing for our Spring garden.
Mordecai and Dess give Priscilla more than 20 kisses a day.
I for the first time exercised this morning. Sweat and all.... may try accomplishing a 5k in May.
Sean and I went on a date with baby Sunday night and it was absolutely refreshing.

Life in pictures :D...
chickens are our friends and they love the kids!


 this was a great nap...
 playtime while mommy was at the store

 we tried a beach trip. still a little cold! Bojangles for dinner
it was a short trip and the older ones and I chilled in the van.

 dirty rice from Bojangles on the way home
he was quiet and content.

 rainy day camera fun.
photos by Elizabeth
our new piano!

 evidence of dirty
our transplanted trees are growing!

gruppy pup
Photos by Jason


 my one month old baby girl Priscilla

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