Friday, March 7, 2014

Thin Mints & Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Update

God is good! 
I have been so thankful for the Trim Healthy Mama book. It took me through my 7th pregnancy with only a 20 lb weight gain! I usually gain over 40 and max out over 200 lbs. I would look bloated in my face and eat whatever- whenever. Not to mention, my pregnancy food usually included a bagel every morning and ice cream every night. 

I barely went over 180 lbs with Priscilla and now only two weeks later I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. I hate numbers, sorry to focus on that, but it is a result from making better choices and still loving God-given food! I am excited to see where I end up in a few months. Right now I am in my size 12 jeans and maybe smaller by the end of the month. Slowly I plan to get back to running, which strengthens my by body quick. Oh, how I MISS it! 

I am not agro when it comes to following their plan to a "T", especially when I was so stinkin' tired at the end of my pregnancy. Standing in the kitchen was the last thing I wanted to do! Now, I am attempting their food plan on a limited budget (I hope to blog about my findings soon).

Their "plan" focuses on meals with a higher protein consumption paired with either few carbs/low fat (Energizing Meals) OR high protein/no carbs with lots of yummy good-for-you fat (Satisfying Meals). And of course no refined sugars! In a nutshell, keeping your body guessing thus, it burns fat better. It has a slight gluten free approach, but not completely. The inches shed like crazy. I have joined their facebook page and I am amazed daily with the results posted by other woman. I have no "goal weight" to speak of.. I don't consider myself extremely over weight, but I know any better food choices I make will help me long term. Esp with all my demands as a mom! (FYI -For my friends also doing THM- I am super relaxed when it comes to dinners! I can make it planned approved for myself, I try. Most importantly I use portion control on my "normal" dinners.)

I am determined to start blogging some of my favorite recipe finds! Below is one and I can even say truthfully- "NAILED IT!" lol. Even if you don't use THM, these mints are worth making. They are a lovely evening dessert or I pair them with afternoon mint tea. LOVE them! 

I keep the serving size at one, max- three mints. (Five just looked pretty in the picture.) Oh, She Glows has the complete recipe here. I actually skipped the almond milk and they turned out just fine- maybe even better. To make them THM switch out the sugar and use skinny chocolate. I like them just they way they are though! Again, I am not perfect when it comes the plan!

One day at a time,

PS~Don't forget to enter my current book giveaway! I have four more coming by next month!

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