Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Photo of all Seven... finally!

I know. I know.
It took me six weeks. Yes, Priscilla is six weeks old!
Our last "family" picture was almost a year ago- that is next on the list.
I decided to forgo it this time around because Elijah was feeling under the weather.

This is as good as it
Love my babies!


  1. the face expressions are something they will someday laugh about. In 15 years repeat the picture when they are grown them. miss them.

  2. Lydia left that smile plastered on her face no matter what and Elijah's expression did not change, no showing his teeth...The only one who seemed non-phased was Priscilla...and Mo has proved himself to be determined to sit like a big boy, on his own...Jason and Bee were there for peace. so funny and totally corvallis



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