Thursday, May 8, 2014

Strawberries in May!

Our one year anniversary coming back to North Carolina was on May 4th. ("May the Fourth be With You"!) His force, the Holy Spirit.. or that might be stretching it, but God WAS with us and still IS!

You may say we celebrated by a new family tradition: North Carolina strawberry picking at Willis Farm. (btw-Their giant rooster was gorgeous! See their fb page.)

In Oregon, strawberry beauties are not ready till next month, thus it was a yummy treat to us Oregonians. It was a little different not being in a "normal" strawberry field with mud and smashed berries. Here in NC the rows are lined with straw and black sheeting to keep them draining well? I am not sure. It looked like it was frying the berries in the sun, but we still found some good ones!

In about 45 minutes we picked A LOT. We thought they were a little cheaper than $1.50 per pound!! Whoops...$55 later! It was well worth it. They are great with my THM diet. Lydia has already made chocolate strawberries, strawberry bars and even strawberry pie. Props to her and Dad- I didn't have to wash a single one. ;)

Good times with our kids. I treasure every moment.

blurry but CUTE!

last minute can't find his glasses, so he found these babies in the house! lol!
what a handsome young man.

hadassah was in her element!

Bee, sporting the GO BEAVS!

caught him!

Baby "Cilla" resting with Mommy

love this. yum!

he brought his pocket knife and all :D

some of our loot!

Happy Summer!

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