Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bumping Shoulders Constantly- the art of refinement

Nine people 
(4 homeschoolers, 2 toddlers, 1 infant, a homemaker, web designer/realtor daddy) 
 One 1100 sq ft home

bumped shoulders
usually constant noise
toddlers fighting
pre teens tattling
mess and more mess

but somehow 
and Jesus.
(at least that is what we pray for!)
He holds this home together.

Yes, I was inspired once again to write a blog on space. Aahhhh.. open space. Even the word is pleasant.
Inspired while trying to do my laundry I ran into 3 people literally in less than 2 minutes! At least we were all moving and getting our chores done, right?

A few years ago I wrote this blog on Beautifully Rooted: "God I am here!" At that time the fires were hot and I was embracing 8 people in 850 sq ft. You can see pictures of our old home here. I have more and more google hits on that post than practically any other!

As we are getting to know people here in NC, once again their jaws drop at the size of family, but a second time if they find out how we live!

I don't mind when people are dumbfounded by our living circumstances. I do avoid telling people. If we invite them over, I push away thought of what they might be thinking when they arrive... I just try to have the home clean.

I don't want to be proud. I am not -believe me. I am AMAZED at God. He alone has refined my need for more.

Does that mean I do not want more space? Certainly Not. Sean and I talk about adding on a bonus room all-the-time.  When I read my old blog post I rejoice, He has shown me how to live. I depend on God-my-Provider for every need.

Found this article and thought it was interesting. Here is a snapshot:

It makes me smile. :) Maybe we bump into each other a little too much. lol. A little too much "collaborating"! We transfer information all the time. Good behavior and unfortunately the bad.

Sean and I have to be careful how we interact.  I have to be careful how I interact with my toddlers. Especially when their high pitched screams make my neck squirm! My new weapon- the whisper rebuke. After 13 years of parenting, Michelle Duggar's advice hit home. I have no doubt all of our conflict will make a stronger family. I have faith God knows what He is doing. My job- not to loose it.

Oh, the simple things-

  • Praise God for our outdoor pool! A great way to get our energy.
  • Our garden and chickens. (We will have a totally of 31 by then end of the month! more on that later ;))
  • A second bathroom which is a temporary nursery!
  • Cupboards. Didn't have those in my last house.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Painted subfloors.
  • 8ft table with Daddy made benches
  • Financial provision! An online job I can work on when I nurse. So awesome.
  • (Hello!) A new to us van- given to us. wow. 
  • And a new sewing machine- thank you Mom!

Every need dear friends. He supplies all our needs by His glorious riches!
I may have a small home but serve a Big God,

even my bedroom (dad's office) is the center of activity

Priscilla is learning about noise and activity.
cutting a slit in a yogurt container. 
never knew money could be so much FUN!
why i do what i do.


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