Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Priscilla is 5 months old!; Summer Life and THM Update :)

Summer is flying by..

My two oldest return home after being gone for two weeks at Space Camp...
Baby Chicks are here..
Jack got his first haircut..
Had our first hurricane of the season..
Hadassah got her first haircut!
Jason turned eight years old! :)
Kids finally did all their testing..
Fire works have come and gone..

and it has been five months since God gave us a precious new gift~ Little Priscilla June.
Her personality is already shining in our family of nine. I am amazed after having seven children, God designs a new little Buckout.. completely different from the rest.

She was a go-getter in the womb and continues to surprise us with her strength!

One of her family given nick names "Munchie" because she like to MUNCH. Anything she can grab for especially mommy she will bite and suck on. She rolled over the other day and is my first baby who actually likes tummy time. She loves girl time with her big sisters too. Baby talk is her specialty.

Love her. Love her.. LOVE her.

My new Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle is going wonderful! I have lost 20 lbs and can't believe I am only 1 pound away from the 140's!!! The first time in 12 years. Whoot!

My favorite "go to" foods are: Wasa and Laughing Cow Cheese; Homemade Oatmeal with berries and Greek Yogurt, any Veggies (esp Kale) with Eggs; I LOVE Protein Shakes.. I made a new Lemon one, which is de-lish with this humid weather; and since I purchased a coffee family has now discovered my Skinny Chocolate with almonds :)

I found this lovely blogger and for the first time have been enjoying more THM desserts. Her lemon muffins and coffee cake are YUMMY.

Year Round Homeschool life has started. I feel as busy as ever. YET-Day by day.. by His grace alone!

she loves having big sis home!

20 more baby chicks!

 happy bday JASON!
 a few of the new crew to keep our egg supply up this summer

 fourth of july with our neighbor miss maggie
 seventh child- put an apple on a fork
 her haircut went much easier!

the oldest and the youngest :)

 love eating this and still able to lose weight.
fresh eggs, kale, and tomatoes from our backyard!

In Him,

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog this day...lots of variety in pictures of the children...May you keep getting blessed as you bless me with being a part of my life........loving you, mom



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