Saturday, November 1, 2014

The day after Halloween 2014

The girls are at a birthday party.
Dad is on a date with the littles.
The boys are watching Star Wars.
Baby is sleeping.
And I am going to get cozy on my bed with my bible.
I will take a "quiet house" with the sounds of light sabers and the dishwasher.

Can you hear the line from Pride and Prejudice? "God, has been good to us Mr. Bennet."
.. indeed He has.

I love the fall.
I love that it actually is chilly this year. I low 50 degrees ;)

I love knowing I am imperfect, yet God is perfect.
We don't have everything, but we have Jesus.
Have a blessed beautiful fall weekend friends.

Last week from our first bonfire of the season..
(bonfires at the buckouts)


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