Thursday, December 18, 2014

One day till Christmas Break!

I feel like I could write a gazillion things about life.

Blogs about my kids, my stresses, my grief, fun family-ness, Gods provision, recipes, weight loss, baby Priscilla! (oh my, she is growing), crochet projects..ect ect.

I wish I had more hours in my day. Oh, wait. Guess I could if I got up earlier. I have only been managing 7am because Priscilla is finally getting up one time a night and -I. love. it.

Maybe blog more during break? We'll see.
For now, here are some favorite quick pictures before our warm North Carolina break!

 because I have VERY few pictures of them together -couldn't miss this 
love this man and baby girl

beautiful evening sky.

 no this not a weight loss picture. my step mom sent me some precious running shirts of my dad's.
I found a little sewing trick online to make them fit. ;)
he was the coolest dad ever. I miss him.

we always have to get some sort of flu in December!
poor buddy. missed the Homeschool Cookie Exchange. :(

she is not sick! ha ha. 
Elizabeth was experimenting with sidewalk chalk and freaked me out

lydia playing at assisted living home. sean and I sang christmas carols together too.
very precious people.

watching brother at the park was more fun than the parade behind her!

can barely see it but one of their early gifts- ear piercing!

look at those eggs!!! and we have lots! it was a like an easter egg hunt this week because a few of our chickens were not laying in their coop. Elijah took this photo with his camera

the family tradition continues! didn't quite get those dominos clean up before we started.

by elijah :)

 and had to end with a chicken again.
she is a beloved favorite.. can't you tell??? the kids dressed her up.
 i crack up every time i see this!
"Oh.. Gizelle!"

Because His stripes we are healed.
With love,

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