Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve with The Buckouts

When I awoke, I had forgotten it was New Years Eve.  The house was a little bit of a mess. I knew I wanted to run. It was sunny, cool and beautiful.

Oh, yea.. forgot. The kids have been all about wanting New Years to be "an actual party", not the normal whisper "Happy New Years.." and head to bed. Small houses and sleeping babies hasn't allowed for par-tae they have been looking for! There is always this on going guilt you want your older kids not to "miss out" because of the younger siblings.

Dad insisted we get out of the house that morning. If we leave, we don't have to clean. Then we'll clean up one time in the afternoon when we return. I ---kind of--- liked the sound of it. He told me I was going to run from Morehead (while he was at the library) and he would meet up with down at the beach. ---ok, now that sounded fun--- A good three mile run.

I have needed time to clear my mind and don't get it often. Time to grieve, time to pray, time to worship. I prayed for Kara. I prayed for family and friends. I surrendered all that has happened between the birth of my 7th child and the death of my beloved father. It was a beautiful way to end the New Year. Such a blessing to see my kids playing and enjoying the weather and called it an "amazing Oregon beach day". Except this time we got to see dolphins!

We came home ate dinner. Which was the best dinner I had all year. My dad's meatloaf. He tried to keep his recipe Top Secret from us kids and it annoyed the heck out of me.

He took it to the grave- so we thought. He had forgotten he recorded the recipe on an old cassette tape back in the day. He apparently was trying to fill up the tape which he would mail to my brother who was on a Navy Ship.

I was thrilled!!! What could be better than having the recipe on paper? --Having my dad actually walk through what he did step by step!! By the aroma of the house I knew it was going to taste good..and it did. What mixed emotions... even my kids loved every bite. I only wish I could call my dad and rub it in his face that I found the! :'(

Looking forward to making it many times in this new year. We also took the Christmas tree down and put away all the holiday decor.

Then, PAR-TAE we did- or tried to do! Music, games, snacks, soda, and a movie. Lydia was done by 10:30. Dad and I tuckered out about 11pm, but Jason, Elizabeth and Elijah managed midnight. I think. Elijah said he was the only one not half-asleep. It was fun.

We are creating memories for them and for that it is all worth it.
this picture makes my heart skip a beat

jason got to bring jack!

hadassah has grown up on this beach

jack behaving himself because of other dogs. we love his winter coat!

so i wanted to get the kids jumping. 
all i could manage out of four pictures of them looking like they were going to pee their pants!!! 

my little bundle

sweet elizabeth chasing birds

hi mordecai! 

she loves sand!

the kids found the fish eye setting while we were at the store getting snacks

this is how Priscilla spent her new year!

sock war!!! the jist of the game. take the other persons socks. last person standing wins.
they were all out of breath. PE needs to be added to my homeschool schedule!

Happy New Year!


  1. That story about your dad's meatloaf warmed my heart. What a wonderful way to remember your dad! Happy New Year!

  2. loved the photos but not so much the fish faces....impressed with Mo and how he moved on the sofa from one end to the other. Jack is a beautiful dog and very good for the children. looks like i need to send him another bone..that's why his coat is shine-e. everyone needs a visit from grandma or the other way around...i need to come to n.c.. i want at least 2 shows performed for me...Mo looks quite a bit like Dessi. Elijah is such a young man...not too much longer and he';; be bringing a girlfriend home for meatloaf....LOVED the solo snap of him at the beach....everybody is beautiful from Sean to Priscilla. Miss you very much. grandma



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