Thursday, January 15, 2015

Year in Review: 2014 "He gives and He Takes Away"

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
And naked shall I return there.The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away;
Blessed be the name of the Lord.”
Job 1:21

The year of 2014 has changed me. A year I will never forget the faithfulness of God in our life.

We had our seventh beautiful child Priscilla June.

Yet, I saw my Daddy struggle through 8 painful months, then pass into eternity.

We have been stretched financially, yet seen God work miraculously.

And.. Even after almost 14 years parenting we are realizing all the more, the amazing truth-- yes folks, a soft answer turn away wrath.

I wanted 2013 to end, but now I want 2014 back. Moments of life and death come too quickly. I look ahead expectantly at 2015 and trust whatever God may teach us,  in Him my faith will remain.

Sean, is (sorry ladies) the most awesome, handsome, and enduring husband ever. I have seen him stretched beyond measure trying to work in his "at home office". He always manages to provide for his family, day in and day out. He has become a referral real estate agent, but is focusing on his Web Design Career. We also work together 3 days a week loading news wires via internet.  He recently went running with me and "got a taste of the glory". He has ventured out on is on a few time since! Sean has been a pillar for me in my grief. I am so thankful for his leadership and love in our home.

I have survived my first year with my teenage son Elijah Jo and I loved it. He is officially taller than me (gasp!), but still has to grow into his own feet! ;) Elijah has taken the entrepreneur approach with this artwork and received jobs this year on a friends website and You can check his website at More than his growth in stature, I have seen his growth in love for his siblings. He says to me often, "Mom, you need to keep having babies- Priscilla is getting too big!"
He has really been enjoying his Youth Nights once a month at One Harbor. He loves everything Lego, Hobbit and LOTR.
A big event this year was letting both Lydia and Elijah travel on a two week trip to Oklahoma and Alabama. They attended NASA Space Camps with other Chickasaw Natives. Talk about trusting the Lord!
Lydia Joy is quite the beautiful young lady. I remember being twelve and thankful her mature character exceeds mine! She is ambitious beyond words. She is teaching and challenging herself at the piano daily. This year she took it upon herself call and schedule recitals at two local assisted living homes. She found a new love for Jane Austin novels and watched a few period movies with her parents! Her culinary skills are still growing- the most recent: homemade perogies. She will make about 40 and freeze the rest to share with the family. All the Littles (Dess, Mo and Cilla) truely look up to her. Priscilla has even said "La La" before she has even said "Ma Ma"!;)

Lydia ended her year with braces (she is adjusting great) and both the girls got their ears pierced. :)

Elizabeth Jane recently made me a cross stitch for Christmas that said,
"Mom is always there for hugs." Her gentleness makes her great. Her soft voice and compassion for her siblings is always present. She stayed by my side and watched her baby sister Priscilla enter this world. In her past time you can always find her creating a new crafts at her desk. And... I must say this girl loves chickens! She hopes to see her Silky/Bantam go broody again this summer. Even as I was typing she just informed me that she made sure Giselle had an adequate amount of food. This girl reached her "double digits" in 2014 and is beautiful inside and out!

Jason Jon is one of the most passionate and spirited boys in the Buckout home. I have to find ways to channel energy while balancing his school work and love for the outdoors. He loves building forts and trails in the forest. You will often find him outside for hours with his neighbor friend James. Jason has amazing handwriting and a devotion to writing down scripture everyday.  He is also known among the family as having the best bed making skills! By his neatly made bed you will find a shelf with a stack of chapter books he is working through. He currently is in a reading competition through the New Testament with his brother. I am so proud of him. He is one smart kid!

My all American hot dog lov'in girl is Hadassah Jean. She is meant to live on a farm. She had no problem watching Dad slaughter the meat chickens this past fall, but will tell you she does NOT like roosters. She has quite the "squawky" voice and her animated face cracks us all up all the time! Her bedtime routine has been my favorite way of connecting with her this year. We sing "Jesus Name Above All Names" together, then I pray, and then she must pray. She sweetly demands it in this order every night. She got to see her best friend Thomas when we all visited Ohio this past Thanksgiving and writes him letters often. I must not forget she loves doing on the computer and has started her reading lessons with Mommy at only 4 years old! She is such a sweetheart.

My little boy- Mordecai Jude. What a handsome little man he will always be! He melts my heart all the time, but I must say he is starting to hold is ground in our growing family. This year he has become Superman and Batman. He throws punches and kicks into the air! We watch the old 50-60's version on television most Saturday nights. His vocabulary has taken off and he is potty trained. "You -A- big boy!" His daddy always tells him. His favorites- printed coloring sheets, Curious George, Lego Movie and Juice Ba Ba s. His MOST favorite thing- "Tootie" (his little sister Priscilla) She receives lots of love from him everyday!

Last but not least, baby Priscilla June blessed us with her presence last February. I can't believe it has almost been a year! We had a home birth at a dear friends home Ohio because of legal issues in North Carolina. This girl wrestled around in the womb and now I wrestle her down to just dress her! She is a strong baby. She has been labeled the THB "Trim Healthy Baby" because of my THM lifestyle. This girl gets her supply of protein! She is such a precious girl and has an eye for her daddy. She has been spoiled to see him almost every time she wakes up from a nap. He is always telling her what a "cute face" she has :) In fact anytime she wakes up from a nap she gets cheers from all her siblings. They love her dearly. She already has 6 teeth and started taking her first steps this month!

This Mama is still going strong! I least I try.. the kids keep me on my toes. For the first time in my life, I just bought a size 4 jean and freaked myself out (usually after baby I am a 12-14!). God is good and I am so thankful He has given me the endurance to change the way I eat.
I recently started Yada Doula. I hope and pray God uses it more as a ministry for His glory. I attended a friends birth and it was an amazing experience.
In my down time I crochet and snuggle my hubby. I still love to run
when I can get a break. It is always a time of worship, meditation and prayer. I am blessed beyond measure to serve my children and husband.

Well, there you have it. These updates are getting looooong, but I know my kids will treasure them when they are older. The internet will be around then, right!?

All because of Jesus. He died that we can live eternally with Him! Happy Belated New Year!


  1. Well there you have it! My goodness...what a testimony of His goodness and grace and even His sense of humor! The Buckout's are overflowing with blessings! Thank you for sharing. I know that the year was a hard one and I have been so encouraged to be a witness to the walk of faith your family lives by. We love you!

  2. Love the update JuRita! Wishing the Buckout Clan a very blessed 2015!



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