Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Little Boy and This Little Girl

My handsome little man turned three this week. Then only two days later, my little baby girl turned one year old. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Mordecai Jude!!

Mordecai's birthday began from the time he awoke. (He has been asking every day if it was his birthday yet!) 
He asked for a batman cake, but I did not feel very motivated. "How does a chocolate cake sound Mordecai?" I asked him. 
"Mommy, I want a chocolate cake with white frosting!" 
Worked for me!
I did have big brother stencil a batman symbol that I could put sprinkles on. 
It was, "Tur-de-licous"

A friend of ours gave a huge bag of toy tracks and such that we put in the attic for the occasion. He got to play with those all day. I bought him a new cape at Walmart and a new batman VHS tape at a thrift store. Let just say, I learned my lesson- next time I read the back of the tape. It was a weird episode with hallucination and ghosts. Good thing, he wasn't even interested! It was cool to unwrap though! ;)

Big sister made him awesome superman sugar cookies that he munched on throughout the day too!
He will always be my little man.

Happy 1st Birthday Priscilla June!!

I can't believe this little girl is already one. We had the joy of celebrating her birthday with our Community Group. She enjoyed self feeding her very own pumpkin bar with cream cheese. It was THM approved, so no nasty sugars!

We must have sung her the Happy Birthday song three times that day. She knew she was special.
We don't usually do gifts for the first birthday, but Hadassah and Mordecai were finding toys around the house and tapping them with white paper. They would unwrap them in delight for her!

Her gift to me- she slept through the night till 6am for the first time.

Such a big girl.. she had a busy day.

Children are a blessing. I am so thankful for the babies God has given us!

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