Thursday, February 5, 2015

This Young Man.

Oh, what to do???
My son turned fourteen last month. Honestly, I was a little sad. We only have four more years!
My little "why-jaa"!!!  (how he pronounced his name as a toddler).
Yes, as every parent says... "they grow up fast".

Elijah told me tonight he is looking forward to hanging out with us again. We often laugh, tell stories, or watch movies together about one evening a week. I told Sean I better take advantage of those more moments more often. Soon he won't be asking :( or he will be too busy working or hanging out with friends. As Sean said, "if we don't plan it, we won't do it."

Boy, do I love my son.
He is a treasure beyond words.

Well, for his big 14th Birthday we went to Smithfield's BBQ (like a WAY better Southern KFC with Hushpuppies!) and the New Bern library per his request. They have more selection then our little town.
When we arrived at the library before dinner, Mordecai had just felt asleep... thus, wet his pants in the van. Sometimes I have a stash of donation clothes in the back of the van, but not this time. Bummer.

We got him content in the library and Dad reassured him "Shhh...Mommy would run to WalMart and be right back.." Trying not to announce our child's wet jeans to the public.

All ended well. They were done collecting books right when I returned. Elijah didn't even know I left. Buckout kids love their books.

To Smithfield's we went, dry undies and all!
I wish I would have brought my camera!!
It is a treat for our kids when we answer "YES, we will eat inside"

Elijah got is fill of dark meat fried chicken and he loved every minute of it. Lydia suggested a book for his birthday present (because he checked it out at the library so many times!)- Heaven by Randy Alcorn. He has already starting reading it from beginning to end...again. :)

We also bought our new sectional the day before. Talk about a cozy weekend it was...
Our new birthday tradition- the family eats out and the birthday kid picks the restaurant! I like it.

God is good.


  1. love your new sectional sofa, looks like a whole assembly sitting on it...great for house church. glad you had such a blessed evening on Elijah's birthday. happy birthday are becoming such a great young man...i miss all nine of you but will see you the first week of May, God willing.........grandma

  2. Happy Birthday Elijah! But this makes me even more sad because that means AbbySue is going to be 14 soon! Slow down kids!



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