Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Making Memories

Don't we look cute? Fifteen years of marriage last month. Sure do love him and all my beautiful babies. 

What a restful little piece of heaven our river trips have been. It is perfect, only about 5 minutes from our house. It is now nicknamed "Treasure Beach" because we always find some sort of treasure. We have also made it our mission to pick up whatever trash the weekenders leave behind. We love making small campfires and watching the kids.

All parents should find that little "escape place" as a family. A quiet spot away from home, away from the mess, away from screens... a spot that doesn't cost money.  Don't you agree?

I don't want to miss out before they are grown. Sean and I were reminding ourselves, these are the memories we are creating for them.

And please don't assume we have some perfect life. Evenings like these we find rest because there has been fighting. There has been stress. Yet, the open air allows us to breath and enjoy all God has blessed us with. And yes, we come home to lots of showers and sand, but it is all worth it.

How can I not enjoy these lovies?

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  1. I wish we could spend a day with you here...how lovely.



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