Saturday, April 25, 2015

Our First Girlie Weekend! (didn't quite go as planned, but we learned) ;)

(disclaimer: we had a wonderful time. so blessed for these special moments... i am learning as a mom! this post might be a little long, but it is all for the family journal/blog)

There was MUCH anticipation for this weekend night away with my girlies.
Hadassah had been counting down the days to what she called the "Girlie Hotel".

The Plan:
I smile typing those words. How simple it seemed. lol.

Sean encouraged me at first to leave Priscilla. She is now 14 months old and still nursing throughout the day/ once at night.  Oh.. the thought was too hard! Even the girls didn't want her to miss out. I would be fine, right?

But... I realized real quick that it might have been a better plan. (Or not- Because God wanted me to be reminded to be DEPENDENT on HIM alone.  Boy, is she a handful!)

We got out of the house at a great time. Lydia practically did all the packing - snack food and all. The suitcase was neatly open on the bed for my additions. 
Sean loaded up the Priscilla's bedding and we were off! 
The only two items we forgot: Jessa's Book to sign (not that big of deal) and a noise maker to sleep with (of course we used an app instead).

We had a such an exhausting week, I knew it was going to be all about my attitude and how I approached this weekend. I am spoiled with my husband around. Even the fact that he speaks peace into my life. He encourages me often that all will work out great.

Priscilla decided to only sleep maybe 30 minutes the entire day.  A stop at Chick-fil-A was in order to get out her leftover energy. 
Oh my goodness. 
Maybe I was just tired, but I was dumb founded when ordering. The place was packed and I slightly panicked because my husband always does the ordering. I mean ALWAYS. Ha! I was pathetic. Really.  

"Uhhh.. how many nuggets? What is the price difference? Is it cheaper to get an adult meal? What kind of milk to I get them? Uhh...."

I just decided to forgo my own food till maybe before we left.
I kept looking over my shoulder at the menu while the girls were eating. I think some Moms were wondering what in the world I was doing because they were in my line of sight! Oh. well.

We made it to the Bins and my girls were ready to find craft supplies or whatever treasures presented themselves. Potty breaks taken care of and already two poopie diapers changed in the front seat, we were ready to go. I was only able to keep Priscilla content for a few minutes in the front of the cart while shopping (aka "digging"). What baby wants to sit for a fifth hour? On the back she went via Ergo. She shoved, pushed and was pretty vocal. By the end, she was screaming. 

This is were it started to hit me. I should have went without the baby. I really felt overwhelmed inside.  Even Dad usually manages baby at the Bins!! What is next?  Dinner and find the reserved hotel. We could make it.

The girls were thrilled with their new hat purchases and said it was one of the best "Bin" trips ever. I was a little flustered, sweaty and felt the headache coming on- yet happy to see them smile. I had to appear strong and not falling apart for their sake.

Found our next stop. Panda Express :)  This time it is the drive thru- I can manage.

Lydia ended up laughing at me because "it took me FOREVER" to order. Lol. I guess I was asking the lady lots of questions about how much food I needed to feed two young girls and myself. ;) Once again, Sean usually does all the ordering!!

I really didn't want to bring dessert to the hotel. That meant one more stop.. and I didn't think I could take it. Then I heard Sean say before we left. "Get a coffee and relax" Weeks before I promised the girls Krispie Kremes.

Then it happened. Sean called. I folded. I became weak. I can hardly ever lie to my husband about how I am truly feeling.

Somebody call the "WHAAAM...bulance." I cried for a few moments while I changed Priscilla in the front seat, baking in the hot sun. Did I mention I had a headache? Well, that had gotten worse. I apologized to the girls for my emotions getting the best of me. I really wanted this to be a fun trip for them and I.

Thank the Lord for my GPS on my cheap smartphone. We made it to the hotel and had a lovely dinner of Panda Express with donuts for dessert! Swimming was fun and refreshing. Priscilla and I both enjoyed the hot tub too. :)

Priscilla crashed while the girls and I was a new episode of the Duggars on TLC. We prayed and I knew tomorrow would prove once again for my trust to be in the Lord.

Once again, when we got to the Southern Womans Show I realized next time it will be a "big girl" event only. We managed to get the two stroller through crowds of people, get one free sample for Hadassah who had no interest in the event- whatsoever-, and find the main stage.

I really wanted to post a cute picture of my girls with Jessa, but this is as good as it gets (on the left). We had to wait an hour watching a Goodwill Fashion show (while I stood nursing!!!). It was pretty interesting and thankfully Lydia had her phone so Hadassah could busy herself.

There were so many people! Oh, my goodness. The "meet in greet" line went out a back door! We like 19 kids and Counting, but not enough to wait with two toddlers in a line that long! Elizabeth, Lydia and I could have handled it but shortly after she was on stage, we left. We pretty much knew her question and answer time was going to be things we have heard before.

We came. We saw. We left.

Ben and Jessa did walk in about 10 ft from us. The girls thought that was pretty cool. I felt bad, it was the entire reason we came.

My girls are genuinely sweet to me. They are so flexible and encouraging. We talked about it a lot on the way home about things we would do differently and the fun we did have. I know this was the first trip of many to come. Lydia turns 13 next month.. we have some time.

Priscilla did not ruin anything. My perspective needed a little adjusting and the Lord showed me that. No matter what I was "feeling" it was all about enjoying the time with them. Embracing and loving them, no matter how weak I felt.

Last year this trip would have been financially impossible and that is amazing. I am thankful. God is good!

Have you ever taken a weekend trip with your daughters? Where did you go?

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  1. love the girls hats....made the trip worth every minute of



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