Friday, May 1, 2015

.. and 500 posts later

What a joy and blessing it is to write my 500th post.
after our first theater experience!

Seven years ago, (honestly) I was quite nervous to post my first blog. What would people think of me? Was I drawing too much attention to myself? I did not want to be a blogger who just expressed her opinion and vent them on to everyone else.

Also am an over achiever and I did not want to fill my plate with one more thing. I don't like to fail. I can be too dedicated at times. Then.. what about my grammar? :/ yikes. I am going to really expose myself.

I took the family journal approach. I wanted to glorify God with whatever words I typed. I am sure I have failed. Over the years I have shared some really raw moments: birth, death, homeschool fall out, public school, moves...Moments when I was mad at God, moments when I elated with His provisions! There were times when I thought I was done blogging. I have met new friends and found that people just like to read about our family. Maybe someday we can own TV show? ;)

the first photo on our blog, 7 years ago
I have also shared recipes and found while I couldn't make money on my blog (like many others), I could receive products, movies, and books for my family to enjoy.

If you choose to blog, you have to be patient with yourself. Don't worry if there are months between posts or if you post something every day.

If I am going to blog about anything; I want to always be thankful and see ALL of God's blessings in my life. Hence the name: The Buckout's Blessings

Cheers to 500 more?!

Well..the messy bed, crying baby, dirty kitchen, and perhaps a little makeup first!
At least I had a tootsie roll and coffee. ;)


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