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March 2009- A blog Archive of My Husbands ;)

Found this story from Sean's old blog and had to share it!
It is from six years ago

2009.. oh man. so tiny. love them to pieces.

The Good Samaritan Retold.

So I need to get a new battery for our van. A few too many times letting your kids play in the van and you'll end up with a weak battery. Needless to say, we were on our way to go feed the ducks the other day, the kids hopped in the van a little early and left the door open. Of course that whole time they were sitting there the dome light was shining and our battery was dying. When I went to start the van I heard the beautiful sound of clicking, not an engine starting. So after I told the kids it was there fault, like any good dad, I told my wife. It was fine when I used to have my work truck, I could just use the truck to jump the van. But now that we only have one vehicle and I don't know how to use a scooter to jump start a van I started looking for help. I tried the neighbor across the street and he was gone. I wasn't going to bother my next door neighbor since he is Jewish and it was his Sabbath. So rather reluctantly I followed my wife's advice and tried flagging someone down form the street.

Now a lot of people use our street, cutting from Circle up to Winco, or vice versa, so we get a lot of traffic. I thought for sure it would be easy to get someone to stop. Just last week my wife and I stopped to help jumpsome one's car whose battery died. So I stood on the curb with jumper cables in one hand and the other waving and pointing at my van in the driveway with its hood up. Of course I had a pleasant smile on my face as well. Oh yeah, and my wife was standing leaning out of the drivers side door, poised and ready to do her part of turning the key in the ignition.

Several cars drove by without even looking. I managed to make eye contact with a lady in a very nice new blue Ford Mustang, who smiled back at me. Maybe she didn't understand why I was holding jumper cables and waving at my van. Another young gal in a red Jeep Cherokee, slowed down and seemed to squint at in order to understand what we were doing. I think after she realized that she would probably have to get involved in order to help us, she made a face of disgust and shook her head as if to put us down and absolve herself of her guilt.

The weirdest was when a lady with an old man in a little car slowed down, then sped up, then slowed down, then sped up, and then drove down the road a ways and then turned around. I thought they were going to come back but the turned a pulled into a driveway a few doors down and hid behind my neighbor's truck for a while.

Finally a gal stopped who had an older woman with her who had down syndrome. She looked a little confused, but pulled into the driveway. I had to help her find the button where you pop the hood. In seconds I had the cables hooked up and our van was running. As I was putting down the hoods and wrapping up cables, I noticed that the older lady (whose name turned out to be Sally, after all that's what her shirt said) was standing at the side door giving hugs to all of my kids and my wife. Sally was so blessed that her caretaker, Alice, had stopped to help that she had to get out and give us all hugs. I got my own hug from Alice and then thanked them both for stopping to help.

On our way to go feed the ducks, I couldn't help but think of the good Samaritan. A man in desperate need could not get people to stop and help him, even very religious people. The gal who stopped to help didn't even know where her hood release button was but she was willing to try and help. Sally's selfless hugs were like the money that the Samaritan left with the innkeeper, a nice touch. It sure encourages me as a child of God to want to be one who is quick to help.

"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" Acts 20:35

~ Mr Buckout.

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