Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My 2nd Teenager...wow.

My second teenager is in the house!
Lydia you are amazing!!
with her little brother Jason. She is not taller than me-yet.
She must have been on her toes!
As Priscilla has grown, Lydia has been given the title of "Second Mommy". (and "Lollie", only to be used by her toddler siblings.) Her love and beauty is displayed to everyone in our home. 
sweet cuddles after being gone in Oklahoma at
Chickasaw Nation NASA Camp.
We missed her tremendously when she was gone at camp last week. Unfortunately her plane was late and our little surprise Birthday ended up being a Breakfast Happy Birthday with (per her request) this lovely Almond Poppy Seed Cake. Delish.. She received pearl earrings, book marks, a real metal Slinkie (from Jason), and her favorite: A hardback collection of Jane Austin books.

Not to forget... Elizabeth, Sean and I also repainted the girls room for her! All the girls LOVE it. The only thing missing from her birthday was her older brother Elijah. He is due home in a few days from camp.
opening one of her gifts!

I must say she is still a Queen in the kitchen. Her new discovery which she made tonight on her birthday- Biscuits and Gravy. A real southern gal.

Goodness. So many mountains to climb as a young girl and Lydia- you are handling them with grace. Keep trusting in the Lord and following Him with your whole heart. We love you dearly! ~Mommy

her new beautiful book set
she smiles just looking at them ;)


  1. Dear Queen Lollie, I'm very happy you got the Jane collection and thrilled you had a Happy Birthday. You put a smile on the face of Jesus. Thank you for being so helpful with your siblings. I'm very blessed to know you as my grand-teen. Your grandmom from a land far, far away keeps you in my prayers, always..

  2. You are a blessing and a treasure Lydia! Happiest Birthday to you from your friends who miss you dearly...The Kookies



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