Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Precious Scilla and Her Superhero

Her Hero, later in the afternoon.. the same day.

Many of you heard about the "almost tragedy" we faced last week. Sean posted an instagram photo shortly after our daughter had survived a near fatal drowning accident.

Even as I type these words, I have to almost disconnect from the reality that was in our hands.

Priscilla was slipping away from this life, not breathing, turning grey in my husbands arms. Sean brought her into our home crying himself, "what do I do?! what do I do?!".

My first thought she was hurt, but I saw no blood. Then I saw she was dripping wet and thought "O God, she fell in the pool". Her body was going more and more lifeless by the second. Lydia called 911 and handed Elijah the phone, Sean was screaming/praying. I was shaking, crying and tried to pry my finger into her mouth telling her "to breath!" (Her jaw was so clenched, I am still healing from a wound her teeth left.) As soon as I got my finger back out, I thought "CPR!" I blew into her mouth with all the effort I could. My breath felt so weak, but apparently two breathes were enough. She made a small sound and color started to return.

I expected water to expel out of her mouth- anything- but nothing. Sean got her upright and kept talking to her. She appeared out of it or coming out of a deep sleep. Sean kept saying "she's ok, she's ok".

I crumbled. I fell to my knees bawling. Every limb of me was shaking more. My knees. My hands. Everything.
It hit hard. I almost faced the death of one of my children.

The red bin normally has a couple inches of water,
but not after a rainstorm.
How did this happen? Mordecai, who is now a true Superhero, saw his baby sister fall into a bin that was outside. It was full with water from a rainstorm the night before. Only three years old, he gently called for his Daddy. Mordecai was up on a platform so could not get to her. I was in the house ready to make eggs and knew they were both outside. Yet, it only took a few minutes.

I made sure I checked her breathing with my stethoscope, heart rate.. ect. I knew she was stable.
I then FOUND Mordecai (on his bed), I smiled with all my strength: "Mordecai YOU SAVED your baby sister. You are a SUPERHERO. A big brother who took care of his sister, because you called for Daddy she was able to live. God used YOU to save her her life." His BIG smile was worth a thousands words.

It took quite awhile for our house to return to "normal". We had to pray as a family, regroup, and let people cry. I held Priscilla in my arms for the next hour or so. She slept. I had to push away thoughts of her being gone... dying in our arms.
Her Breath. O my goodness. Her breath on my chest was better than a newborn's. Ever squirm, every slight cough, I treasured in that moment.

friends for life
Praise God THE giver of life, whom has given us this breath of life. It is HIM who created us, not ourselves.

Lord Jesus, I praise you everyday for my children. They each are precious gifts. I would never choose to let them go, but understand your ways are higher than my own. Thank you for hardship. Thank you for miracles. Forever may our family draw closer to You... You ALONE are God.

thankful for this little person.

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  1. This is overwhelming...praise God! Praise God!



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