Friday, July 17, 2015

19 Facts About Our "Homeschool"

Radom thoughts, but you might find this interesting. Being real and honest here friends:

1.  Our homeschool day NEVER looks the same. There is yes, a general form and direction (what people are suppose to be doing) but there is always a train wreck somewhere.

2.  The head teacher (myself) usually is in workout clothes or pajamas till noon, but my students are not allowed (lol!?)

Being big sisters.
3.  My house is messy, but around 11am we get some chores done and it is manageable.

4.  We school year round. The beginning of our school year is the first week of July. The end is the first week of May.

5.  We read the bible together every morning and it never fails the "Littles" (are youngest three) are playing, screaming, or Priscilla is poopie. I am trying.. and getting better at keeping them on a structured morning routine!

6.  Wake up "goal" 7:30am...sometimes it is as late as 8:30am. Saturday we sleep in. Sunday we go to church.

sure Lydia you can make lunch!
7.  My oldest two practically school themselves, even correct their own school work. They have learned what self driven mean. Chore effort on the other hand comes and goes.

8.  Math curriculum is the only curriculum I buy. Math-U-See, Mr. Steve Demme- thank you for being an awesome math teacher!

9.  We utilize the library (they know us well!). Sean assigns reading. I usually skip these evening trips and stay home in a quiet house... ahhhhh.

10.  I print most worksheets from pdf files online. You would be amazed what is out there for free! I want to blog about it someday.

"bird watching" with tree books
11.  I don't look at homeschool catalogs. They make me feel guilty and poor.

12.  I don't know "how I do it" either. I have no explanation other than the grace of God. I often want to quit and put my kids in school. Sean and I also work 2 extra nights a week till almost 11pm.. to keep our family running it takes endurance and hard work.

13.  I test yearly. It is the law in North Carolina, but I test when I have the money. $40 per test- yikes! I thought about putting kids in public school just for the end, so i didn't have to pay the money. As of right now I have tests for two kids. Hoping to afford two more next month.

14.  I hardly (pretty much never) go on field trips. Maybe the free Homeschool day at the aquarium.

15.  I get report cards notarized at the bank every quarter. This is documented so our kids can be on the Chickasaw Nation Honor Roll. They get a small sum of Walmart gift cards for good grades and attendance.

16.  I let my girls bake/cook anytime they want, with the condition they help clean their mess.

17.  The television does not go on during morning hours otherwise I will lose everyone's focus. This can be hard, but we manage.

Priscilla helping daddy build

18.  I always want to do more with my kids, especially the Littles.

19. I the end of the day I am thankful, but the struggles are real.

By the grace of God, I can do all through Him who gives me strength!

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  1. thanks for being real! You are doing a great job!



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