Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mission of the Month- August 2015

Jenn, thanks for starting this again! You are an inspiration.
I can't believe it has been over two years for me. (Goodness. Just realized it has been THREE years!)
Being a family of 9 now.. I need to try again to set monthly goals. 

Mama Jenn's Mission of the Month

Cardio exercise three times a week.
Work one of my many crochet projects.
Be up an hour before my kids for quiet Bible time.

Compliment and encourage my husband daily.
Give a impromptu back rub. I did this after dinner the other night and he was beyond thankful.

Hug everyone of my children EVERY DAY more than once. "Hug count" as we call it.
Spend more time instructing and training my toddlers in the small things.
Be mindful of when I need to just pray with any of my kids---and do it.

Order Elijah and Lydia's testing. 
Fill out attendance sheet.
Reading "lesson" with Hadassah at least three times a week.
Print any PDF worksheets on Sunday afternoon for the following week.

Organize/ Deep clean one needed area each week. Example: last week I did the lazy susan cupboard.
Try one new dinner.
Continue to wash morning dishes.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:
Teach a reading lesson to our neighbor Miss M. Love on her.
Call Miss E. to check in on her.
Purchase one extra meal for Meal Train.
Phone call to a family member weekly

Doula Business
Schedule all remaining appointments.
Deliver business info cards.
Purchase more files.
Study Doula book.

Blogging/Online Activity:
Post Apologetics Bible Review and Giveaway

EEEEEk! Is this possible? A man plans his ways but the Lord directs his step. It definelity helped me organize my thoughts! I will let you know how I do by the end of the month! ;)

Lord you are good. I pray for grace and strength to focus. You are my stability.


  1. skype grandma too...

  2. Hey JuRita! Hope you guys are all doing well!!! Thanks for linking up!!!



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