Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Recent Happenings

October Sky

I have been so busy. Especially now that I am holding myself accountable to a weekly "To Do" List.

Baby Charity
There is never a dull moment in our home! Whether it is a teenager that needs to talk, a baby that needs to nurse, a spill on the floor that needs cleaned, or just a sweet toddler that needs their mama.. my life never stops.

Our community group is growing and alive. The Lord is really opening the hearts of our neighbors to him.

Sean's office will be completed by winter. He finished the metal siding and now will work on the insulation. One step at a time as we have the money. We have plans to extend up in the attic for more "play" space.

My Yada Doula business is growing. I hate to call it that. .. sounds so formal, but I am meeting so many precious moms and even got to delivery my first baby by God's grace. We were right outside the hospital. It was an amazing experience.

Elijah is drawing up a storm with his new instagram acct. He is still growing. Ahhh!!!
Elijah experimenting with is new prismacolors

Lydia is in the process of writing a script for a movie with her friends. She also discovered online clothes shopping this month. ;) Pretty fun.

Elizabeth is in chicken world. We just had a new baby chick hatch!

Jason has made huge improvement this week with school and attitude. Thank you Lord. (I have started both History and Grammar with him and Elizabeth. It is so fun to see them love learning.)

New Baby
Hadassah my sweet girly loves snuggles at night on her bed. She is active and busy with Mordecai all day long.

Mordecai almost refuses to let any one but be wipe is bum, but ME. Lol. He always makes sure I know he is heading the bathroom. He is always the first one up ready for his LIFE cereal by our bed.

Priscilla is learning to do without nursing mom during the night. Sean has dedicated the wee hours of of night to "putting her back to bed". Every night is getting better. She still learning to be kind to her other toddler siblings. She says words like: sorry, please, thank you. Slowly she is communicating which eases her frustrations being the youngest.

Well, just a little family journal moment. Hair is wet and needs attention. Mordecai needs to go down for a nap and I am going to CHILL.... and get a DRINK of WATER. I just felt incredibly thirsty.

Sharing a quick random moment,

Still finding a few in bloom
New hammock, a blogging gift

Jason's Smolder
We always eat popcorn, even after a bath.
Not an uncommon sight

My growing young man

My little man.. sick a few weeks ago. Dr office selfie!

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  1. we always eat popcorn too! kindred spirits:) xo



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