Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween 2015

Marry Poppins, a Burgular, Hadassah the Chef, Farmgirl, Postapocalpytic Character, Little Chicken, Two Parents, Jack, and Superman.

The Loot.

It was fun night. We call it "making memories".
Loved pulling the littles in the wagon.
The older kids eventually found us. They actually made it back to the van first and we found them.
Priscilla never kept the chicken costume on. Go figure. ..and EVERYONE thought she was a boy. Poor Girl. I had her in a brown hoodie with a huge flower on it.
Mordecai was adorable and tripped on at least 5 peoples porches.
Elijah decided next year he will hang out with his parents and pull the littles in their wagon... that made me smile.

For more detailed costume photos see our family instagram acct ;)

In His Grace,

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