Friday, February 12, 2016

What shall await us in 2016? {Year in Review 2015}

One more blog to finalize my Sabbatical. This blog started out as a family journal and I need to close it as one too!

2015 has come to an end.

In years past I have rejoiced at the thought (ready for a new year), but now I am fully aware I have spent an entire year without my dad on this earth.  Grief never goes away, but it gets easier with time.
For that: I AM THANKFUL.

Recently, someone asked Sean and I, "what is your life motto"? days have passed and we have come to this conclusion:


It really does sum up our desire as Christians, also for our marriage and for our family. We keep pressing onward, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

2015 kept our hearts awaken to God's love for us and His never ending faithfulness.

Sean officially moved out to his office this past summer! What a joy for him to have his own work space apart from our crazy household. It is amazing how he ever managed to get work done before. While his office is not complete, just a little further to go! He plans on putting an extra work space for the kids to homeschool. He also fenced in a garden area around his office with used wood from a neighbor whose fence fell down. He is a pretty handy man!

What would I do without him in my life? We see each other more than other couples might be able to handle, but it only makes our love stronger. I love that Priscilla and Hadassah (really any of the kids!) can go out and visit dad during the day. He always takes time to listen, discipline, teach, even tune violins, and is Mommy's personal shrink.  :)

Sean also completed a year long Leadership CoHort with a few men at our church. Lots of late night readings and small writing assignments. I only had to give up a handful of evenings and was very happy to see him studying the word with other men. It brought him back to some solid foundations of his faith in Christ.

Sean and I also had our first overnight WEEK LONG date this past December in LA!!!! (oh my goodness...four years since our last overnighter) and it was SO STINKIN' FUN to sit, talk, and laugh at every meal together. Let's do it again soon babe! wink wink.

Elijah, is turned 15 at the end of January! I often in awe that he is growing up before my eyes. He is almost a head taller than me and I LOVE IT. There is something sweet about a Mama hugging her baby, yet he is a young man. We let him have an istagram account this year to display he art talent with the world. He very quickly has almost 300 followers. He loves anything related to NASA, space, Marvel or Dr Who. He has a growing heart for the Lord. I pray he will use his incredible intellect to serve Him. He as the ability to learn independently and is currently almost done with Alegbra in homeschool. And hey.. why not learn Italian? ha! He is trying. Go Jo! "come su alcuni manicotti??"

Lydia, officially made our house home of "two teenagers" last summer: She is 13 years old. We spend many nights hanging out, watching movies, or just talking with those two! Lydia's talent with the piano is amazing. A true, "now self taught" pianist and prints sheet music daily off the computer! She is the second Mommy to her baby sister Priscilla. She can accomplish almost any hairstyle on Pinterest, loves buying clothes on ThredUp, and both her and
Elizabeth are learning the violin. And Geessh... She is wearing makeup now. She is beautiful inside and out. She knows we would give her the world if we could, but deep in her heart is so simple and frugal. Oh, and how can I not mention she is a Jane Austen fan?!.. but always loves a good mystery like Sherlock Holmes. Her language of choice (and has always been): French. "Oui Oui!"

Elizabeth, the true Chicken Chick of them all. Want to buy this 11 year old a gift? Real chickens will be on her list, but really anything chicken related she loves. ;) She has seen the life and death of so many precious chickens this year :( I feel bad for her! ( Note: No, we are not eating them. Some natural causes, some just disappear.)  She found a love for overalls, boots, hats and I am pretty sure will marry a farmer someday. As she desired, her hair long and beautiful. She loves snuggling up with a good book (Redwall or the Hobbit), or even drawing the cutest little animal sketches! Her love and compassion for her family truly shines and no matter what she always finds a way to make peace. I love your hugs and kisses Elizabeth Jane! Guess what her language of choice is? German!! (You think they would all learn the same, so they could talk behind my back! Wait let's translate that in German: "Sie denken, sie würden alle gleich zu lernen, damit sie hinter meinem Rücken reden!")

Jason, is all boy in every way. He is learning the fine art of getting is school work and chores done early so he can play play play. He is an amazing big brother to Mo, Dess, and Scilla! They'll play in the pool, trampoline, ditches, is always exciting with Jason.  He loves watching TV and got to see the Minion Movie for his 9th birthday last summer.   Without Jason our house would be too quiet! He makes random noises, sings, plays the kazoo, penny whistle, and makes the coolest gun noises. ;) Although, you will find him quietly reading Redwall books (like his sister Elizabeth), drawing, or making awesome lego creations.  He always needs a listening ear, love, and comfort hugs from his mama... (and I have no problem giving them)! Also a good back scratch from Dad before bed makes his day complete.

Hadassah turned 5 years old this past summer! She starred in her own YouTube movies with her little brother Mordecai. They spend almost every waking moment together playing some sort of pretend play. :D She loved learning how to swim without a life jacket, even practiced diving underwater. She went with her big sisters and I to see her first theater movie Cinderella. (She was ready to go home before it started, but we made it through!) Hadassah is right around the corner from learning how to read and loves doing math. We still cuddle and sing every night together. She rejoices to tell us that she LOVES Jesus with all her spirit! She doesn't want me to get old and she wants to stay a kid forever. She often talks about Grandpa making her peanut butter toast and she is so happy we will see him in heaven. Precious little girls she is!

Mordecai, my gentle boy who is coming out of his shell! As I type this, he is only a week from turning 4 yrs. Wow. He is mama's boy through and through. He officially does not take naps anymore. Usually you'd find him asleep on the living room floor in the afternoon, but now he stays up all day and will be ready for bed by 7pm. He loves his big sister Hadassah so much and is learning how to include his baby sister. He likes legos, puzzles, the playset, and trampoline. He has become the Coloring King and will cover every inch of the paper with colors. He also knows how to write is name in short: MO MO. He is simple little boy, but I can tell he is growing like a weed this year! He always loves to snuggle every night and is the first one up in the morning asking for cereal. Can I add he has the cutest giggle in the world!?

Priscilla . Oh Priscilla. She is a firecracker. A firecracker that almost did not "relight" last summer. We came seconds away from the worst tragedy a parent can face: The death of child.
By God's grace she did not drowned and now keeps us on our toes more than ever before! So thankful she is turning two next week! Priscilla has learned to communicate so much this past year and she gets quite upset if you don't understand her. The best answer is "Show me." ;) She loves to busy and serve. If I can think of jobs to give her all day she thrives on it! Weaning from Mama was a bit difficult (for both of us), but we made it.. She went to a bottle and sleeps in a big girl bed with her sister Hadassah. Money, marbles, play dough, and her alphabet books are among her favorite toys. Of course trinkets on her sisters top shelves and mom make up are fun too! When she is upset she ALWAYS had an older sibling to help her. If not, she will go "see Daddy" out in his office. She makes several trips out a day to see him ;) Oh, how we all love her and her vibrate daring personality!

I must confess, it took me weeks upon weeks to write this blog. Thus, why I am taking a break from blogging ;) I have been working so hard on every level, but with God's strength can carry on. I can do nothing apart from Him. In my down time, I like reading or snuggling with my husband watching Netflix. I am also helping lead a bible study with my pastors wife. I LOVE studying the word with sisters in Christ!

My biggest venture this year was becoming a Doula. It is a new passion of mine and I am in awe of God for letting me love and serve other woman.

Everyday I face much of the same duties with cleaning, homeschooling, training, meal planning, ect ect, BUT watching my children grow before my eyes is a gift. Yeah, they fight, bicker, tattle, and give me dirty looks (oh, i do loose it and yell).. this too shall pass, right?
We are a real family with real struggles all combined in 1100 sq ft. It makes for an interesting life to say the least! ;)

I really do hope to keep you posted throughout 2016, till the next blog feel free to follow us on instagram: buckoutfam.

Peace. Love. Grace.

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