Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How We Make it Work: Living Room (9 people, 1100 sqft home)

This is the beginning of a fun little project for me.

For the past few months imagine your brain thinking your entire home was going to be on national television. Not only your home, but your thoughts on the bible, your faith, marriage, vaccinations, homeschooling.. ect.  Pretty consuming. A BIG surrender in my book. It took letting go and embracing who WE ARE as a family.  Taking to cameras became "old news" and I thought about Vlogging, but who wants to spend mucho money on a new camera? ;) I just made do with my android phone and photo booth.

Lo, and behold... in a Facebook Group my friend started called, "Creative Living with Less" a post came up about organizing. By sharing our ideas we can encourage one another- shame and guilt free. I am not much of an organizer because its hard with all the constant mess we have to clean, but there is always room for improvement!

I made this video in hopes to encourage others and let others see how we really live.
We don't try to keep up with the Jones' or Joanna Gaine! (Although I still wouldn't mind a home makeover.) We desire not to consume too much stuff and be debt free soon.

Note: our toy chest is also used as a bench for extra seating during our bible study or when friends are over. I apologize for my horrible editing and sound change. :/ lol :D

To get a quick understanding of our "floor plan" if you'd like...

My next video will probably be the kitchen.

Peace and love.

A copied Q &A from Facebook: 
 So this was a question a gal asked me in the group. Here is the copy and paste for more info:

"You do a great job of utilizing space! Just wondering.. I noticed you said that you keep all the toys in the living room. Is that only little kid toys, or really, all toys? 

We don't have many toys for our kids either, but as my kids are getting older (oldest is 10), I'm finding that there are so many different varieties of toys now (not lots of any kind, just lots of kinds, if that makes sense), and I'm having trouble deciding how to store them in our small space. In a system with little kids? Separate into their own bedrooms? Right now I have bags/purses hanging under a low shelf. Each bag holds a different type of toy. But I don't have enough space for all the varieties! 😊 "
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JuRita Buckout:
Good point. We do have one of those red/blue/yellow plastic dresser bins in the boys closet (i forgot to mention) it holds mostly legos. the big kids keep many of their personal items on their desk. I will show those real quick in another video. but for the most part yes, the toys are in those four drawers. do have some gears and board games in the laundry closet. too, many of our outside toys: guns, sticks, bikes, frisbees, bats, mitts, ect are outside in the shed or at some random place in the yard. my toddlers keep stuffed animals on their beds. 
when we did have a playroom (three moves ago!) we had a TON more stuff and i organized it into bins high on shelves. If kids wanted a new type of toy they had to ask, thus I could make sure they picked up what they were playing with. BUT really kids don't need a ton. Janet Hardwick taught us the idea of keeping a tote in the attic and trading toys every six months or so. It was like christmas.We don't do this anymore, but that works well for de cluttering. Ask them what their top 3 favorites type of toys are and you may be surprised. We did this one time and it was not what we thought! Hope this helps! 

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