Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Little Harlowe

Harlowe is a quiet community for the most part. Rich in black history and family. We pretty much are the white family with all those kids. :D Many know us by our big van and my kind husband.

I have been running around our neighborhood for a few years now.

Along the river you can find a neighborhood with yachts and huge houses.

In the field, the cookie cutter type homes all boxed within their new development.

Along the winding road, lots of old mobile home parks.

In the center of it all, you will see properties where homes will be abandon.. and lo' and behold one day are resurrected.

Some though, are lost in green briers and vines. Some falling apart. These are the ones that captivate me.

Here are a few pictures from my run the other day...

from my understanding this used to be a night club in the 80's. its on a corner with an old phone booth

Della's Place and a "sorry we're closed sign"

an old 76 gas station

I have no clue, maybe it was someones's house? the yard stays mowed. I love the contrast of the teal paint.

Sean actually tried to look into purchasing this land.
He loved this little shack. Elijah and him actually explored inside with permission of a neighbor.
Strange but true the next day it was labeled as "sold". Interesting.
again one of those old homes that looks as if no lives in but family up keeps the yard
I always admire this house in the distance from the road. the mail box is stuffed and the drive way grassed over.

Dwelling where He has planted us. Loving Him and loving those around us.

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  1. i'll buy one for no down payment and about 550 monthly. they'd have to lug my stuff to n.c. and pay for my trip across country. oh, of course, the electric bill must be included and the taxes caught up to date. it never hurts to dream. love, mommy



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