Thursday, July 28, 2016

How We Make it Work: The Laundry "room" (9 people, 1100 sqft home)

No video this time just before and after pictures!!! yay!

I did this on a whim the other day because I KNEW my laundry closet needed some TLC.

So, I hate this area. Hate is a strong word, but when you are managing clothes for nine people with a cat litter box, water, and food behind you- it sucks.

I step on litter.. spill water...ect. Not to mention the vacuum cleaner, laundry baskets and mop.
Plus a make shift curtain to hide it all. Yuck.

A snap shot from a video I took awhile back for our going-to-be-nanny.
Blurry, but you get the point. This is a clean nice moment.

It was time for a change. I got rid of this "catch all" shelf. 
I knew I could throw enough stuff away to fit it into all my laundry closet. 
This was ALL behind the curtain!! (I am good at hiding stuff) ;)

We've had a little extra money so the other day I bought:
  • oops paint from Lowes. loved the color
  • a new litter box with a lid
  • a trash bin to hold the cat food

The result of purging enough to fit it ALL in my laundry closet: TA DA!!!
 I really do believe LESS is BETTER. We hold on to way to much junk.

I hope to get a cute laundry sign from Hobby Lobby to "decorate".

Ready for the laundry closet?? lol.
(washer and dryer not shown)
This is CLEAN to me. Not pinterest pretty but stuffed and usable!
I can close the doors and be done. 
Even put my vacuum cleaning on top of my dryer if need be!

NEW UPDATE: this is what it looks like NOW in the closet... much better.

I know someday Sean and I may travel in a tiny house!
Keep purging,

You can also click on the label "Large Family Small House" for other videos.

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  1. Much better! Laundry rooms are trouble! They are just hard-working and never resting. Catch-all places. And usually, really small, too! I need to attack my laundry room soon! Purging will really help. But, some brilliant person thought it would make sense to put the laundry hook-ups off the kitchen in our only pantry space area. So it's a narrow, claustrophobic, laundry/pantry. Um, not so great, house designers, not so great!



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