Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How We Make it Work: "7 Kids 2 Bedrooms" (9 people, 1100 sqft home)

Few quick notes before you watch this short video:

  • My children are not deprived. 
  • Each have their own bunk areas and desk areas. 
  • Some evenings they watch movies out in Dad's office.
  • They appreciate a quiet house when they can get it.
  • They learn to deal with toddlers fighting and making messes. Grace and Love.
  • They learn they are each unique and care for their own areas differently.
  • I do ask that their beds be made every day, but they "make" them their own way.
  • My older kids 10 and up are responsible for handing over bedding to me when it needs washed.

If you are interested in how we organize the clothes- again. LESS is MORE.
We get rid of clothes when they are stained and holed, but wait till they are before we purchase new clothes "for fun".
My oldest daughter is learning how to only buy what she needs and is doing quiet well.
I wash laundry every day. Minus a day or two if I need a break, but I pay for it ;)

I did not video my children closet but here is a quick picture of the girls closet:

Living with less,


  1. Thank you for showing, we are trying figure how to mak it work with our 4., 2 boys 2 girls. We have a hard time with the boys oldest is 14 years old and the other is 1 month. The girls are 6 yrs apart. But do ok. I like they have there own space. But yet share. What do u do with all there toys? Did they have shelves in ther bunks, lights and clock? Thank you

    1. Hi Jennie, a gal asked me the same thing on a facebook post the other day and here was my answer:
      "Good point. We do have one of those red/blue/yellow plastic dresser bins in the boys closet (i forgot to mention) it holds mostly legos. the big kids keep many of their personal items on their desk. I will show those real quick in another video. but for the most part yes, the toys are in those four drawers (in the living room). do have some gears and board games in the laundry closet. too, many of our outside toys: guns, sticks, bikes, frisbees, bats, mitts, ect are outside in the shed or at some random place in the yard. my toddlers keep stuffed animals on their beds.
      when we did have a playroom (6 YEARS ago!) we had a TON more stuff and i organized it into bins high on shelves. If kids wanted a new type of toy they had to ask, thus I could make sure they picked up what they were playing with. BUT really kids don't need a ton. A friend taught us the idea of keeping a tote in the attic and trading toys every six months or so. It was like christmas.We don't do this anymore, but that works well for de cluttering. Ask them what their top 3 favorites type of toys are and you may be surprised. We did this one time and it was not what we thought! Hope this helps! :)"

      Yes a few of them have shelves in the bunk areas but some prefer less shelves. it makes their beds feel bigger. ;)

      Here is my living room video, thus we have no playroom so you can see where we keep the "toys" we do have in there.

      Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you for your help. I can't wait in the morning to ask what there too 3 toys are. I know I have more of a attachments to the toys. I don't know why. Because like you said kids don't need a lot. They can make anything a toy. We are trying to get rid of half there stuff. It's not easy. We have bins too but sometimes they all get mixt up and ther over flowing. I don't have them down one at a time. I need to do this. Yes Legos are a must in this house, and playmoble! I really love your bunks, I showed my handy husband, hoping he can make some for me. Lol. Thank you and many blessings too you and your family. God has blessed you



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