Our First Reversal Baby

(written by my husband Sean; for a church newsletter.)
On July 29, 2010 at 2:59 pm, a new little blessing came into the world. Weighing in at 9 lbs 2oz. and measuring 21 inches long, baby Hadassah Jean Buckout captured our hearts. She is the long awaited answer to much prayer and wrestling with the Lord.

You see, after baby Jason was born in 2006, my wife and I felt like we were done having kids. So done that I went out and had a surgery to prevent us from getting pregnant any more. While I don't think it is a sin to have a vasectomy, I do regret the hastiness of my decision. We were fine with it for a few years, until the Lord began to convict us on our decision. I could write a whole book about the scriptures, prayers, dreams and convictions that brought us to a point of realizing that we had taken control of what God wanted us to leave to His sovereignty.

As we looked into adoption, we realized we could not afford it. As we researched having a reversal surgery, that seemed to be out of the afford-ability range too. While wrestling with all of these things, we came to a Thanksgiving service in 2008 as a family. It was the year the Sabo family was here from Virginia for the School of Ministry. JuRita ended up in the nursery with Julie Sabo, sharing about all that God was speaking to u s. Julie told us of a friend of their family who recently had a reversal surgery done in Texas by a Christian doctor who does it as his ministry. As we saw, when you get back on the Lord's track things moved quick! By the following Tuesday, I had spoken with the Sabo's friend, found the doctor, and had an appointment for that February!

My surgery was down in San Antonio, so my wife traveled with me. It was great to spend a few days with my wife, down at the Riverwalk and driving around Texas. A funny side note is that when my kids were being watched by their Uncle before we left (who wasn't aware of what was going on) they told him, "My Dad is flying to Mexico and he's going to get fixed by the doctor!" Needless to say we got some questions when we got home! The Lord met me there and I was so blessed by how everything went. I heard a worship song playing during my surgery that I heard back in Bible College, when God was giving me a vision, I believe for this time of my life. The doctor's prayer before the surgery was right on. 

While we thought we were going to get pregnant right away, it took some time. When we finally did get pregnant, my wife had a miscarriage, twice. This was a rough time, but God really gave us a heart and understanding for those who are struggling with fertility or have experienced miscarriage. 

Finally, last November we got pregnant again, and held on praying that this one would not end in miscarriage again, having to just completely surrender it to the Lord. At 8 weeks my wife experienced some bleeding which at first was very disheartening as we thought she was going to miscarry again. But it turned out to be fine, and the baby was okay. 

The delivery week was interesting as my wife's water broke and she did not have the baby until 5 days later! But even in all of the ups and downs of the week, God was reminding us of His sovereignty, that we are not in control, He is! Even during the labor I reminded my wife of what the scripture says in Psalm 22:9, "You are He who brought me out of my mother's womb..." It is not our efforts, the midwife's or even the baby's timing, it is the Sovereign Lord's, and His gentle hand that ushers this child into this life. 
This was also our first home birth, and everything went so well. We were blessed to be in the peace and quiet of our own home. Our midwife was a huge blessing! 

Hadassah is beautiful! And my wife and I are enjoying her so much. When she was born, I cried,looking back at all that the Lord had done to bring us to this point. I can't help but think, when I am holding her, that here is a blessing from God...that had my will been done, she would not have been a part of my life. Souls will be saved through this little girls life. And if Jesus comes back tomorrow, there will be one more beautiful little voice around His throne!
Jason 4, Pastor Sean, Elijah 9, Lydia 8, JuRita,     
Baby Hadassah, Elizabeth 5

When Pastor Rob was going through the book of Esther, we came to fall in love with the name Hadassah. Hadassah (huh-deh-suh) was Esther's Hebrew name (Esther 2:7) and it means 'Myrtle Flower'. She is a gem! For such a time as this little one, God has a plan for you!

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