Is This Your Last?

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Yes, we are open to more babies! Here is a little story of how it ALL came to be ;) ----

Whenever people meet our family (or maybe see the size of our home), I know they may be thinking this very question.

Let me lay it all out for you! ;)

Sean and I were married the Spring of 2000.  I was only 20, him one month shy of 20!  We had known each other (and Jesus) since we were 14 and "dated" two years in High School.

We planned on waiting "2 years" to have kids, but after listening to a study over the radio I was convicted about not asking or seeking God about the decision to be on birth control pills. Sean was so relieved. I had no idea, but he was not comfortable with the decision from the beginning. God must have been preparing his heart too. :) This was all one month before we got married. ONE PROBLEM: he was only working part time. So, we prayed "if this is Your will Lord, please give Sean a job"... He got a random call from a Cabinet Shop the next day. (He had done an internship with them in High School.) Yes! They called him and asked him to work. This was my first test of submission as a soon-to-be married wife. God acted quickly....His will was clear-  I must obey.

We found out I was pregnant with Elijah one month after we were married! What a joy my little man was, but the struggles within our marriage during that upcoming year ...he was the "threefold cord" in our life that was not quickly broken (Eph 4:12).We learned so much, but at the time thought we knew everything! We wanted to continue to keep child bearing in the Lords hands and in the next 5 years we had 3 more blessings! (Let me make a quick note:  Sean and I made the choice to be done after our 3rd child Elizabeth, except after my brother passed away in 2005, grieving over the loss and told Sean "You know I am DONE having kids, but if we did have anymore I would love it to be a boy so I could name him after my brother." Surprise, I was pregnant the following month! What a precious gift Jason is!! Thus, his name has the perfect meaning "healer".)

When Jason was only two months old (drum roll please...) Sean got a Vasectomy. We were kid free and very content with our lives for about 4 years. Many rejoiced with us!

Things began to change in our hearts when we met a darling family with 12 kids (now 14)! What a godly example they were to our family. I remember being so impressed seeing their teenage son have absolutely no problem taking care of and enjoying the baby of the family!! What a joy!

But as I said----I was very content. In no way was I regretting (at that point) what we chose. Sean and I were 25 years old with 4 children under the age of five when he got his vasectomy. I was in shape and an aerobics instructor. We were finally have more alone time, date, go skiing ect I wanted to travel the world.

To read how God changed our hearts from this point- (along with a Vasectomy-Reversal and two miscarriages) you can read "Praying for Baby" blog post or Sean's story about Hadassah (when he was a pastor in Oregon) in the church's newsletter. :) Since our Vas-Reversal we've had 3 more children! We call them the "Texas Three". We traveled to San Antonio, Texas and met dear Dr. Roeder. Dr Roeder provides a ministry in Reversals (see link!) when couples are seeking to put fertility back in Gods hands. Praise the Lord, at lower cost too! :D

So, here I am 37 years of age. I love Jesus. I love my husband. I love my 8 children dearly.
Yes, we are open to more babies! 

"One baby at a time" is our new motto, not "Four and no more."

I have yet to see all God wants to do with our family, but daily I desire (and fail) to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I pray I bring Glory to God in all I do.  I rely on God's word and his grace to see my through. Praise the Lord for his redeeming work in Christ Jesus! Visit us on instagram:

Thanks for stopping by and reading (and please ignore all my typos, I was a math student.. not english!)..

In Christ,

"To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning, And Your faithfulness every night.."
Psalm 92:2

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, 
O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."
Psalm 19:14


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